Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves require more than just an extra stop for gas! If you are contemplating a long distance move - whether it be within Ontario or across the country - there are many details you need to keep in mind. We specialize in long-haul moves, with trucks specially designed for higher-speed highway trips in any type of weather - trucks large enough to ensure all your belongings make it on board in one trip. After all, if you've just moved hours away, you can't run back to grab something you forgot!


Enjoy special discounts with our regular direct trips to Edmonton, saving you time and money on your move!


Moving to Toronto from Ottawa or Montreal? Take advantage of our back-haul service! We make regular trips to these cities, and it's a waste to drive all the way back with an empty truck. Schedule your move to the GTA on a back-haul route and drastically reduce the cost of your move, while still receiving top of the line service.


We always ensure that utmost care is taken with all of your belongings, treating them as we would our own. No matter the distance, when you move with Augusta Movers, you can rest assured that your move will be conducted smoothly, safely, and quickly. Get your Free Quote now, or call us any time to discuss your upcoming move.




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