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To Renovate or Not to Renovate...THAT is the question
Feb 3rd, 17

It’s the middle of winter, and although there are some adventurous among us, many people spend more time indoors during these cold months.  This often leads to wanting to improve our indoor space, since we are spending so much time…

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Embrace the Memories of your Old Home
Jan 28th, 17

As 2016 has now come to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on how the past year has gone, and what you would like to change for 2017.  It might mean a healthier diet, or a new exercise…

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Surviving a New Years Day Move - Right after the Holidays!
Dec 31st, 16

Moving to a new home at any time of the year is hectic- but during the holiday season, moving is taken to a whole new level of business.  There are some tips and tricks to help you through, though, and…

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Keeping your Cool During a Winter Holiday Move
Dec 20th, 16

Trying to sell your home throughout the holidays might seem like an impossible task.  But it’s a reality that many people face.  There are some special things to consider at this time of year to help you sell your house,…

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Winter Staging is still a Must for Ultimate Curb Appeal
Dec 1st, 16

When selling your house, it’s a great idea to stage not only the inside, but the outside too.  First impressions can make or break the sale of your house.  Here’s how to make your front entrance attractive to potential buyers.



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New Homeowner Tips: Getting your House Ready for Winter
Nov 24th, 16

The days are getting shorter, the Canada Geese are preparing to fly south for the winter and crisp cool weather has replaced the heat.   Winter is just around the corner.  If you’re planning on selling your house this fall, or…

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Ensuring your New Home is a Safe Home
Oct 31st, 16

You’re settling into your new home since moving, and have hung some pictures and begun unpacking your belongings.  But have you ensured you are living in a safe house?  Although this is of utmost importance, it can often take a…

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Preparing your garden for winter
Oct 26th, 16

Autumn has arrived, and winter is fast approaching. Did you move into a new house that has beautiful gardens?  If so, there are some garden chores that should be tackled before our cold Ontario winter arrives.   


If you have trees…

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A Thanksgiving Move
Oct 4th, 16

The smell of wood smoke in the air, chilly autumn nights and Canada Geese preparing to fly south for the winter are sure signs that Thanksgiving is around the corner!  Whether you’re planning on hosting a large dinner in your…

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Back to School in a New Neighbourhood
Sep 8th, 16

Ahhh September.  It’s time to go back to school.  A new school year brings with it the opportunity of a fresh start.  It’s a great chance to really accomplish everything you’ve been meaning to.  The first day back to school…

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Things we Cannot Move and why we Cannot Move Them
Sep 1st, 16

Your bags are packed, your entire household tucked away neatly in boxes and ready for the movers to whisk them away to your new home…..but wait!  Are there items that movers can’t move for you?  The answer is YES! 


If you…

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Moving in a Fast-Paced Real Estate Market
Aug 18th, 16

The real estate market in the GTA has exploded, and it just keeps getting hotter.  From the expansion of Highway 407 through Durham region and into Clarington, to the expanding Subway and Go train systems, the whole GTA is booming. …

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