5 Steps to Prepare for Your Residential Move

November 24, 2020

Deciding to move can be an exciting process, but when things don’t run as smoothly as you have hoped, it can turn downhill quickly. Augusta Movers has put together this “How To” post to inform you of the five most important steps that should not be overlooked in a residential move.

Step 1: Hire a Professional Moving Company

The easiest way to ensure your moving process is seamless is by hiring a long distancing moving company such as Augusta Movers. Delegating tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, and unloading can make the process significantly less stressful.

Moving companies are experts in this field and know exactly the right routine to follow to ensure no boxes get left behind and nothing gets damaged or broken in the process. Note that a moving company is usually hired eight weeks before the moving day.

Step 2: Spread the Word

Moving is an exciting process and what better way to celebrate than informing all of your closest family and friends! If you’re feeling up to it, start planning a house-warming party to commemorate this milestone. On the other hand, informing your children’s school, doctors, banks, and post office should be done six weeks prior to the move.

Step 3: Getting Your Family to the New House

Depending on how far you’re moving helps to determine the best options for transportation for you and your family to get to your new home. If you are moving far enough were booking a flight makes sense, ensure you do this well ahead of time. If you decide on driving to the new home, determine beforehand if you will need to book hotels for stops along the way.

Step 4: Packing Supplies

If you have decided to hire a moving company, you can most likely skip this step as the company will supply these items and add them to your cost.

If you aren’t using a moving company, it’s important you purchase packing supplies well ahead of the time you decide to start packing. It can become frustrating if you are trying to finish the last of the packing and run out of supplies. Purchasing supplies should be done about four weeks ahead of the moving time.

Step 5: Prepare the Family

No matter the reason you have decided on a residential move, children or teenagers may have a harder time adjusting to the idea. In this case, it’s important to answer questions and remain positive. An idea to get your kids more involved is to have them pack up their own room and allow them to choose their new room in the new house.

Hire Augustus Movers

Make your move as stress-free as possible with Augustus Movers. Our team is trusted and reliable to bring all of your goods to your new house. For more information on pricing or general inquiries, give our team a call today at (647)783-8730. We look forward to being apart of this exciting adventure with you and your family.

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