Canadian Pre-Move Checklist

Moving is a complex process that can cause stress, anxiety, nervousness, and even forgetfulness. Hiring a professional moving company like Augusta Movers is the best way to make your move hassle-free and reduce the overall stress involved. Although working with a professional company will make moving easier, it is a good idea to create your own checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten or left behind. A checklist can also help you stay on track and on schedule up to the day before your move.

What Goes on a Checklist?

Most checklists will detail what you plan to pack and what you plan to leave behind. Depending on how early you make your list, it can even detail tasks to complete well ahead of your move. But the checklist you create for the day before you move is much different. It will detail all of the last minute things you need to do or bring with you so you can bypass the panic phase. Make your checklist based on your personal needs and the details that are unique to your relocation. Here are a few items that should be on your checklist in addition to your other tasks.

Kitchen Items

Any food leftover should be thrown away, or if your new home is close by, transferred. Make sure to trash anything open in a garbage bag and tie it tightly so that wild animals or neighborhood pets don’t make a mess after you depart.

Returning Borrowed Items

If you have borrowed books from the library or from people in your neighborhood, make sure to drop them off the day before your move. Also, if you are moving a far away, you might want to pick up any dry cleaning you have locally. Unused items should be donated to charity instead of leaving them in the house. If you have leased items, make sure these are returned before your move.


The last thing you want to deal with after a move is a loss of data on your electronics. Make sure you back up your computers and other devices ahead of your relocation. Charge your electronics in advance and make sure you have a spare power bank on hand.

Wall Hangings

Make sure that all of your wall art, pictures, and mirrors have been removed and packed. The last thing you want to do is leave behind the family picture of grandma when you relocate.

Stagnant Water

Any water hoses, tubs or contained water left behind should be emptied. Stagnant water is dangerous for a home and it can also encourage bugs and vermin to fester.

Electric Items

Anything attached to an outlet should be removed. This means lights, lamps, bulbs, heaters and more. Make sure that items you plan to keep are packed, and those left behind are unplugged.


Kids can often get overlooked when dealing with a relocation project. If your kids are with a sitter, make sure you communicate with them in advance to nail down all your plans.

High-Value Items & Banking

Double-check when you pack your credit cards, checks, bank cards, and any high-value items. Try to pack these in a smaller bag or box to keep with you during your move. It is a good idea to take some cash out from the ATM to have on hand for small, last-minute transactions. Important papers should also be included with these items.

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