Checklist for Packing Essentials

There are many supplies required for a successful move. The biggest task to undertake is packing your entire home and moving it. Some pre-moving preparation can make this process much easier. If this is your first move, you might be unaware of all the tasks that need to be done and the tools required to get these tasks completed. To help you prepare, our team here at Augusta Movers has made a checklist of all the items required for an effective and efficient packing experience.  

What You Will Need 


No move can be successfully completed without boxes. They are one, if not the most, vital tool when moving. They come in all different sizes, to help accommodate all the various items you need to put in them for transport. You are able to get boxes virtually anywhere. Moving companies will have a large variety of sizes but you can also go to places like your local grocery store or LCBO and get them as well.  

Bubble Wrap & Packing Paper 

If you are relocating anything breakable, it’s important to properly secure them so they don’t get damaged or broken during the move. This is where bubble wrap and packing paper come in handy. Use them for wrapping around things like glasses, dishes, and any other breakable item you want to preserve.  

Plastic Wrap 

You might not have though you could use this for anything else but covering containers with food in it. But plastic wrap makes for a great way to keep dresser drawers closed with no damages to the wood! Don’t use tape to keep cabinets and drawers from opening, this can damage them.  

Packing Tape & Dispenser 

For a quick and easy closing of your boxes, make sure to get legitimate packing tape and a dispenser. You can seal your boxes tight within a few seconds and rest assured knowing they are properly secure. Make sure to get one for each person helping to pack, this way, every box will be properly closed once full. For heavy boxes, it’s even better to reinforce them with strapping tape to ensure the strength of the bottoms of the boxes.  


If you want to remember what is in each box and where the boxes should go in your new home, labels are absolutely necessary. You don’t necessarily have to list everything in each box, but 1 –2 words for where it should go and the main thing in it will help during your move. For instance, you can put “Kitchen- Dishes”.  


This is where you should keep all vital documents and any pertinent information regarding your move. Keep things like any previous or new lease agreements, your moving contract, important lists, and contact information.  

Let Our Company Help 

Moving can be hard, tiring, and complicated if you have never done it before. Our experienced team here at Augusta Movers can help make this process much easier and more enjoyable with our best moving services in Toronto! If you are interested in any of our amazing services, give us a call today at +1 (647) 783-8730!