Don’t Let Your Belongings Get Stolen When You Move

There is one aspect to moving day that leaves all your stuff unprotected and vulnerable to being stolen- the chaos of actually moving. It’s not difficult to see how easy it could be for a stranger to take your stuff. There are boxes everywhere, people moving in and out of your new house freely, the doors are wide open, it’s the perfect set up for an unwelcome guest to take advantage of. This is unfortunately, a very common occurrence to take place whilst people are moving. Our team here at Augusta Movers want to help you avoid your stuff being stolen on your moving day by offering some suggestions from the best moving company in Toronto 

Take Inventory 

In order to keep track of all your belongings, making an inventory list will help you during your busy day of moving. If you start this early enough, it won’t seem like a long and arborous process. This is especially important for your most valuable items being moved. Thieves will see an opportunity for these items. Another thing you can do is take pictures of these valuable items to prove that you originally had them. Having photo evidence is good for your insurance if they end up getting damaged or stolen.  

Safety Deposit Box 

Whether you decide to use this for your move only or from now on, a safety deposit box is a great way to ensure all your most precious belongings and documents are completely safe. You can put things like very important documents, valuable heirlooms, and jewelry. This allows you to worry less about the whereabouts of these items and know with 100% certainty that they are safe and sound.  

Keep Track of People 

Depending on how you have scheduled everything, there might be a superfluous amount of people coming and going from your new house. These people can include your friends and family helping you move, movers, cleaners, hydro workers, painters, and more. With so many things happening all at once, the amount of people coming and going can get dizzying and this is the perfect scenario for uninvited people to get inside your home without raising an alarm. Professional movers can negate this type of situation by knowing the profiles and mannerisms of thieves, which helps to lower the chance of being robbed.  

Designate A Space for Valuables 

While everyone is busy bringing in all your stuff, even if you have everything labeled as to where it should go, pick a spot in your new home to designate as a place for all your valuables, regardless of what room it’s supposed to eventually end up in. Pick a room that is farthest from the entry door, preferably one with no windows. Alternatively, you can also use a pantry or closet. Bonus if you can lock the door once everything is safe inside. This is where your valuables are going to instantly go, no matter who is bringing it in. Designate this space before you start bringing your things inside and make sure everyone helping you knows about where this space is and what should go there.  

Secure Your Prescriptions and Perfume 

You might be surprised but prescription medications and perfumes are a prime target for people to steal. Many people don’t even think about these things but for a thief, they are really easy to take without anyone noticing and sell on the street. It’s important to keep track of these until your home is properly secured after your move.   

Trick Packing 

To help protect your belongings, you can pack them in a way that can trick potential thieves of the contents inside. For instance, if you want to hide your prescriptions and perfume, don’t put them in a toiletry bag. Put them in something inconspicuous and in something someone wouldn’t expect them to be in. Another thing you can do is purposefully mislabel boxes so the contents are unknown. If you have any valuable breakable items, pack them with your clothes in your suitcase.  

Stolen Identity 

Items such as your personal information, bank records, social security number, passport, birth certificate, insurance papers, and any other important documents need to be properly secured before your move. This is where that safety deposit box will come in handy. If you don’t go that route, there is a potential for someone to take these documents and make off with your identity. This is a real-life problem, not just something you see in movies. It’s important to take this seriously. Either have these on your person at all times or use that deposit box.  


There are a few different insurances that you can use to protect your stuff. If you hire a professional moving company, they typically offer some sort of insurance during the move. If you have extra valuable items there might even be an option for extra coverage. An alternative would be your home insurance. Make sure your policy covers you between moves. These will help protect from theft or damage.  

Be Discreet 

Don’t be yelling back and forth to people helping you move about the contents of your boxes and belongings. You should always have someone on standby guarding the open moving truck and any unattended boxes that aren’t in your new home. Be quick about moving everything from the vehicles into your house. Attract the least amount of attention as you possibly can.  

Anticipate a Thief 

Think like a thief. It’s that simple. Take a look at all your things and pick out the ones most likely to become targets. Think about all the many ways someone can steal each of them and come up with a plan to make sure they stay safe.  

Let Our Company Help  

We don’t want you to be paranoid or constantly suspicious for the entire day of your move. But being prepared for things like this can help ease some of the stress. Our team here at Augusta Movers is here to help you! We can ease the stress of the day even further if you use our packing and moving services in Toronto! Give us a call today at +1 (647) 783-8730!