First Steps to Prepare for Your Move!

There is a lot to consider once you have decided to take the plunge and move to a different home. It’s best to try and complete some tasks early in the moving process, rather than leaving everything until the last minute. Here are a few things to help get the ball rolling.

Contact the moving company of your choice well in advance of your move. Let them know your moving day, and they will discuss with you what time is agreeable to get started with your move, what you can do in preparation, and provide you with some packing supplies to get you started. Obtain an estimate from the moving company, ask questions such as what insurance they carry and do they offer the service of packing your belongings for you, and also go over any contracts that need signing.

Make a list of all the people, companies, etc. you need to change your address with, such as banks, your children’s schools, credit cards, work, doctors, Health Card, etc. Don’t forget to include rarely used but important organizations like the government (for direct deposit, taxes etc.), Drivers License, Passport Canada, Insurance companies and professional memberships. Some easily forgotten companies include newspaper and magazine subscriptions- try and change these addresses early on if you know where you are moving to, as the shipping labels are often created months in advance.

It’s easy enough to forget to pay a bill with all the hustle and bustle of moving, especially when you aren’t receiving all of your mail at your new address. Even if you have been diligent and changed your address with everyone you could think to, inevitably there will be one missed. Contact Canada Post before you move and have them forward your mail to your new address. You should be able to pick a start and finish date for this service. You could also leave a note for the buyers of your home, asking them to please forward any mail you might receive. There is no guarantee they will, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Get in touch with your electrical (for example Hydro One in the GTA) and/or heating (i.e. gas company), internet/phone/cable provider, and water utilities a month or so before moving date and let them know your plans and the address to which you will be moving. Ensuring you do this will mean you won’t be paying for utilities for your previous house, and you will have working utilities in your new home when you want it. The companies will work with you to decide when is best to stop utilities at one address and start at your new address. Something to remember is that different locals use different utility companies. When purchasing your new home, try and remember to ask your realtor to find out from the previous owners what companies are servicing their home, in case your current utility company does not provide service there.

If you will be moving out of town, and need to find all new services, call your current veterinarian, doctors and dentists, schools etc. and get photocopies of all records. Keep these in a special file folder in a safe spot. These will be invaluable for the continuity of care for your family and pets when you decide where you will be attending once your move is complete.

Starting preparation for your move early on will definitely make things much easier when moving day is right around the corner. Once you have all your lists completed, keep them, and edit them as things change in your life. It will save you a lot of time someday if you decide to move again!