Great Ways to Stay Organized Without Shipping Supplies

A lot of tasks come with moving from one place to another. One of the most complex is the need for proper organization. When you are getting ready to move out, you will need to sort through your belongings. You will also need to ensure you have packing supplies for the actual move. If you are having trouble sourcing containers or handling the packing process, Augusta Movers is always able to help. We will reduce the stress and strain of dealing with packing or space concerns during your busy move. We also have several tips that will help you stay organized when you don’t have access to shipping supplies.

Wrap Your Fragile Items in Clothing

Your fragile home goods should always be packed in proper packing materials but if you are on a budget or can’t find what you need we have a suggestion. Your clothes and fabrics are equally effective in keeping fragile items safe from harm. Make sure to bypass fabrics that have sequins or other sharp detailing that may scratch your fragile possessions. You should also skip light-colored fabrics and thin fabrics since they won’t offer the type of padding needed to keep your items safe.

Make Your Suitcases Work for You

Suitcases are made for traveling, and they will work equally well to help you move from one place to the other. Instead of transporting them empty, put them to work by filling them with clothing, fragile items, or even items you just want to have quick access to after your move. Not only can you save money on packing supplies, but your items will also be protected. Consider packing all of your kitchenware for quick access or fill it with shoes and other incidentals. They are also very easy to transport from one place to the other considering the built-in wheels.

Stuffed Animal Barrier

Most people will toss all of their pillows and stuffed animals in a bag and forget about them. While this is a great way to get them from one place to the next, you can also use them to help transport more sensitive items. Thanks to their softness, they make the perfect cushion layer that can protect more fragile items from getting damaged. You can line them next to the wall between boxes of dishware or can use them to fill empty space once the loading has been completed. Make sure that the hard areas such as zippers or eyes on the plush items face inwards to prevent your delicate items from getting scratched.

Sofa Surfer

If you are transporting large items such as your sofa or dresser, then you can also use those as a storage space. Once your larger items are placed on the truck, you can pile crucial documents in the drawers to prevent them from getting lost. Drawers are also a great place to store CD’s and DVD’s that keep them safe from damage. You can place your electronics on the couch for extra padding and safety.

How We Can Help

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