How to Minimize Waste During Your Long-Distance Move

Millions of people move out of their homes and into new ones each year. Each time a family moves, it creates waste. With the number of people moving every year going up, the amount of waste being put back into our environment is also increasing. However, there are ways to help reduce moving waste, and Augusta Movers is here to tell you how.

Below, we have listed tips to help you minimize waste during your long distance move and make your relocation more efficient.

Repurpose Old Boxes

Boxes make up the main source of waste during any move. You can help cut down on waste by repurposing old and gently used boxes instead of buying brand new ones. You can check your local big box stores or even ask your neighbours. If you get deliveries often, instead of throwing those boxes out, save them for your move.

Use Bags for Your Clothes

Clothing takes up a lot of space, but once you get to your new home, chances are you will hang them up or fold them. To reduce waste, pack your clothing in existing suitcases and clothing bags that you already own. If you are out of luggage, purchase reusable space-saving bags that you can repurpose for storage after you relocate.

Recycle Used Materials

Once you complete your move, instead of tossing those used boxes in the trash, take them in for recycling. If you notice another neighbour who may be in the process of relocating, you can also offer to donate them for another round of moving.

Multi-Use Containers

If you are using a moving company, you can ask if they offer multiple-use storage containers for the move. Sometimes they are available for sale or rent, which can cut down on waste tremendously. Another bonus is that they are recyclable so when they outlive their usefulness, they won’t be clogging a landfill.

Wrapping Materials

Instead of buying bubble wrap, use old newspaper and magazine pages to protect small items. If those are not available, look for environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic.


Before you move, make sure any items that you are not taking with you have been properly disposed of. Things like paint, car parts, some cleaning products, and other potentially harmful items should be disposed of by a professional, as opposed to tossed in the curb for the city pick up.

Yard Sale & Donations

You can declutter your home ahead of your move by having a yard sale or garage sale. This will help you earn some money while also reducing the number of items you need to pack for your move. Anything left over after your sales can be donated or given away to those in need.

How Augusta Movers Can Help

Once you have completed your move, you can locate the recycling program in your new neighbourhood to get rid of any extra waste properly. Also, be sure to make smart purchase choices ahead of your move to cut down on waste and save you money at the same time.

If you need help with your long-distance move or if you just want a quote for our services, give Augusta Movers a call at (647)783-8730 to find out more.