How to Pack Oddly Shaped/Fragile Items

Packing items that are perfectly square, equipped with a flat bottom, or durable can be quite easy since they require less care. What about the more oddly shaped items or fragile ones, however? How does one pack them or work with packing services in order to ensure that they stay intact and protected for the entire moving journey? Here at Augusta Movers, we want to talk all about this so you can make sure every one of your items is treated with the utmost care.  

Fragile Item Packing Tips 

Whether your move is long or short, with or without professional movers, our team will always recommend that you pack your fragile items with as much protection as possible. This could be a number of different materials, including but not limited to: 

  • Bubble wrap 
  • Newspaper/Scrap paper 
  • Fabrics (such as blankets, towels, etc) 
  • Paper towel/Toilet paper 

When it comes to things that are extra fragile, blankets do quite a good job at ensuring the best in overall protection. Make sure to position all fragile items upright in your boxes, and mark each box with “fragile” to ensure that either you or the professional mover handles it with care when bringing it in and out of the vehicle/home. Another important point to remember to keep things from breaking is that you should never overpack a box. Even the most durable items can end up broken if you stuff a box to its maximum capacity. 

Oddly Shaped Item Packing Tips 

So, you have an odd piece of furniture or gym equipment that needs to be moved. How do you do so in the most space efficient, safest way possible? Well, the best method above all the others is to disassemble these items when and if you can. We understand that it can be a pain to imagine having to assemble it all over again, but that is a small price to pay when your items are saving space and staying their most protected and safe during your move. If you don’t properly pack these oddly shaped items, it won’t just put the items themselves at risk, but put the other items in your vehicle/truck at risk as well. If the items can not be disassembled, always place them in a way where they are lowest to the ground and at their most stable. Once that is done, cover them with a large blanket to ensure they don’t crash into anything and become damaged.  

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