How To Unpack After Moving Day

Unpacking can be considered both a good thing and a bad thing, and it entirely depends on the person. Some people enjoy the idea of unpacking, because it signifies the transition into moving to a new home. For others, this process is a long and tiresome one, especially after going through every other step of the moving process beforehand. Regardless of how you feel about it, there are ways to make this entire process much easier on you and the others who are involved in it. To learn about how to unpack the right way after moving day, check out the information we here at Augusta Movers have to offer. 

Start With a Solid Plan 

Coming up with a plan before starting anything is important to make things easier and stay on track. It also makes things a lot faster so you can focus on other things that are important in your moving process as well. The best way to plan this task is by: 

  • Being aware of what’s in each box before unpacking. 
  • Mapping out where you want things to go. 
  • Cleaning up along the way. 
  • Leaving a box for any items that don’t have a specific place to go. 

When you are unsure as to which items should go where in your home, simply put them all into a box so once you’re done the main part of the unpacking, you can go back and put them where you think they belong. You could also store them away if they are items that are not necessary for your everyday life. In general, the necessities should always come first in a move, which leads us to our next point. 

Begin With The Essentials 

The important boxes should always come first when it comes to unpacking. Important boxes will often contain the necessities you require to live your everyday life (things such as toiletries, medications, food, electronic devices, towels, changes of clothes, etc). If you did not end up putting your most important necessities into separate boxes, simply grab the essentials as you progress through your unpacking session and put them in a separate box to keep them organized if you’d like. 

The Kitchen Should Come First 

Here at Augusta Movers, we recommend you start with the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the place where you cook all your food and drink all of your beverages, you want to be sure that this place above all is organized first so you can fuel up while going through this tedious process. To begin, you should put cutlery and dinnerware away into the cabinets. From then on, installing any additional kitchen accessories like spice racks, pot racks or additional storage/shelving units is recommended. Once you’ve done that, the best thing to do is hook up all of your major appliances (and most importantly the ones you know you’ll use first). 

Move Onto The Bedroom 

The bedroom furniture is the first thing you want to be sure is set up, as the rest of the decor and other add-ons are usually placed after anyway. This also guarantees that you have a place to crash while you work on your unpacking process day after day. Once your bedroom furniture is installed, you can continue on with unpacking your linens and putting them onto your bed while storing the additional ones away. If you want to install shelving units, be sure to do it before filling up your closet. 

Ready Your Bathroom 

Once the bedroom and kitchen are taken care of, now should be the time for your bathroom. Begin by properly implementing your shower curtains, toilet paper, soap and towels so you can get nice and clean after a long day of unpacking. Afterwards, you can allocate the other toiletries that are less important such as skin care products, fragrances, decor, etc. If you have any medications, be sure they are put away somewhere safe (preferably locked up) if you have little children in the house.  

Finish With Your Additional Utilities 

Once you’ve finished all of the rooms listed above, now can be the time to wrap up and work on the basement, living/entertainment room, garage, storage rooms, etc. This is where some of the fun can be had, as you can choose what you want to do with the extra rooms in your home. Some like them as entertainment spaces while others like billiards, drink bars and personal gyms. It all depends on your personal preference! 

Hire a Professional Moving Service Today 

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