Making Your Long-Distance Move With Pets or Children More Efficient

Anytime you move to a new home it can create a countless amount of worries and complications. When you have a long-distance move, these concerns only increase. When you add children or pets to the equation, your stress levels can reach record heights. Augusta Movers has a few suggestions that will help make your long-distance move much easier on your kids and your pets.

Managing Children

When children have to move long distances, it can be very difficult. They are moving away from their friends, their school, and their place of comfort. While some kids may embrace the chance to make new friends, the majority taking moving to a new place is very hard. It’s important to address your child’s feelings as they arise instead of ignoring them or leaving them to deal with at the last minute. Consider involving your kids in the planning process to help them cope. Make them a part of the process instead of the moving being something that is happening to them. Shower them with affection even though you may have a million other details to attend to.

Working with a professional moving company will allow you to spend less time packing and more time helping your family adjust. Give your kids special projects to work on such as making a special box for their favorite toys or by asking them to help you pack your treasures. This will help them feel included and in charge which will make the whole process much easier.

Packing Your Childs Room

Packing your child’s room last is another way to reduce the tears and frustration that come from moving. This will provide less disruption to their routines since they will be surrounded by the things they love until the last moment. Talk to your kids about why you are moving, what the process entails, and what to expect in your new home.

Give your child a brightly colored box or even a trunk. Have them pack their favorite toys and special items in that box for safekeeping. This will give them a place to find their special toys quickly to help cut down on the panic that can ensue if they feel they were left behind.

Moving Long Distance with Pets

Pets may not be able to talk, but they can also suffer anxiety during a long-distance move. Make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date prior to your move and take them in for a last-minute checkup as well. Get a copy of their records from your vet, and also ask for a referral for a new vet in your new neighborhood.

Different areas may have different rules regarding pet care and maintenance. Make sure to find out this information in advance to prevent any upsetting incidents. Think about the temperature when you plan to move. Using a pet carrier will enable you to maintain a stable temperature during the trip. Avoid letting them linger too long in hot or cold weather.

How Augusta Movers Can Help

Moving long distances can feel overwhelming and hard, but when working with a team like Augusta Movers, it doesn’t have to feel this way. We are the area’s leading provider of expert long distance moving services. We have a range of affordable packages based on distance and weight. Give us a contact us at 647-783-8730 for a no-obligation price quote today.