Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving

So, your moving day is inching closer and closer — are you fully prepared with a checklist of things to do? Have you thought about the things you should not do?  

It is easy to get lost in the planning of a move. So easy to overlook, that you may forget the things you should be avoiding. We here at Augusta Movers would like to point out some common mistakes people make when moving and how to avoid them. 

Research is Important 

Information is the most crucial factor of all when executing a project such as this. You can have all the money you want, but when you use that money incorrectly then the project is done improperly. When you are looking for the right moving company for the job, make sure to do your research and don’t choose the first one you find. There will be a wide number of pros and cons for each company you look at, so you want to be certain you choose the movers that cater to your most important needs. 

Create a Task List 

We know — writing lists can be a tedious and boring thing to get done, but they are very important when you want to stay on track! Not only will this ensure that you’re on track, but it will also guarantee you get everything done. When creating a task list for your next big move, write down the tasks you need to complete and label them with days of the week that you’re going to implement them in. It is also a good idea to create a list with all of the packing supplies you will need. The more prepared you are, the less problems you will come across! 

Label, Label, Label! 

So, you’ve managed to follow a list, do your research for the proper company and now you’re finally moved in. What a relief, most of the hard work is over! When you go to reach your boxes, however, you realize that nothing is labelled and you are now unsure about which boxes contain which things. You now spend the next hour-two hours trying to find the most important boxes so you can have the essentials for your first night.  

This is a highly stressful and messy situation that you’re going to want to avoid at all costs. There’s nothing quite worse than being unorganized after you assumed you had everything under control. When you label your boxes and containers, this problem is avoided completely. We recommend that instead of using general labels such as “bedroom”, “kitchen” or “bathroom” that you use a more detailed labelling system. If you have a box full of dishes and knick-knacks, label it accordingly. 

Don’t Wait and Call a Moving Service Today! 

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