Should I Move Out or Stay In During My Home Renovations?

After you move into a new home, most times there are significant renovations to be completed to have the home live up to your standards. Augusta Movers is the Best Moving Company in Toronto and we are here today with a guide that discusses if you should move out during your home’s renovation or you should remain living in your home during the renovation. While there are several advantages to both options, let’s go through and discuss what both options look like. 

Living at Home During the Home Renovation 

Many advantages exist when you decide to remain living at home during a home renovation. Some of these include saving money, keeping a close eye on your contractor, and keeping your property secure rather than left vacant. While you remain living at home, you can also communicate with your contractor as soon as a problem pops up. This makes it easy to ensure the project is being completed up to your criteria. 

If you decide to remain living at home during the renovation, our team has gathered a few tips for you to keep in mind. Choose to live in a space in your home that will not be included in the renovation. For example, this could mean living in the basement if you are renovating the main floor. In addition, you should set up working hours with the crew so that you can have your own space during certain times. Also, you can watch the crew while you are home to ensure that the project is getting further along. Lastly, it’s important to remain patient for the results you want! 

Moving Out During the Home Renovation 

On the other hand, there are many advantages to moving out during a home renovation. One is that you can keep your family away from significant safety hazards like power tools, sledgehammers, nail guns, as well as lung damage from inhaling smoke, dust, and paint fumes. In addition, moving out can help to simply avoid the stress that is associated with the project.  

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that moving out of your home means that you will need to find somewhere else to take up residence. If you have relatives or friends that have the space to host you and your family, that is amazing, but more often than not, finding a host can be difficult. In addition, if you are thinking of renting an apartment during your renovations – this can become quite costly. 

Move With Our Team 

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