Moving Safety Tips

As we have previously mentioned in other blog posts, a move is not an easy time for most people. During this time it can be extremely stressful, and often feel as though there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Some will decide to hire residential movers to help, while others will seek friends/family and do the job on their own. 

Because of this time crunch things can, understandably, get rushed. It is important that you don’t rush anything that takes time however, as this can have a major impact on your body’s overall health & safety (not to mention your mental wellbeing as a result). No one wants to get injured during a move, but these things can happen and moving around heavy objects/furniture has seemed to be the culprit for most of these incidents. Here at Augusta Movers, we would like to talk about the moving process and specifically how you can avoid getting hurt during these times.  

Dress Properly 

Did you know your clothes can actually have quite the impact on how you maneuver a move safely? We know, this may seem like a weird tip, but it is really helpful to keep you from getting injured during this laborious project. The certain ways to dress properly during a move include: 

  • Wear a long shirt & pants: Avoid keeping your legs + arms exposed as corners of boxes, furniture or buildings can snag on your skin and scratch it.  
  • Weather appropriate clothing: Adding onto our last point with shoes that are anti-slip — be sure to wear the clothing appropriate for that time of year so you’re protected from the elements. This advice is especially important in the winter months/when it is rainy. 
  • Wear gloves: Protecting your hands is important during a move, as they are dealing with the brunt of the process as a whole. Not only will this help protect your hands from damage, but will also protect them from frostbite if you’re moving in the wintertime. 
  • Put on closed-toe shoes: Wearing open-toed footwear during a move can greatly increase the risk of damaging your toes if something drops on them as well as tripping and falling. In order to avoid this, wear closed-toe footwear that also has a good grip so you don’t slip on wet/icy surfaces. 

Utilize the Proper Lifting Techniques 

One of the most common ways people get injured during moves is because they were not using the right lifting techniques. If you are unaware of these techniques, there is no harm in practicing them so you can be fully ready when your real move begins. Some advice to learn includes: 

  • Using a dolly when you can to move your belongings 
  • Bending & lifting with your knees – NOT your back 
  • Keeping your feet at shoulder length to stay balanced and stable 
  • Lifting objects/boxes slowly as to not contort your body too much 
  • NOT lifting any items that are too heavy over your head 
  • Asking family/friends to give you a helping hand when you can’t do something on your own 

Take Your Time! 

As we briefly mentioned in the beginning of our post, taking your time can be a hard thing to do during a move as you likely want to move into your next place ASAP. Even so, you must be easy on yourself and take your time in order to make sure you stay safe and don’t end up injuring yourself. We understand that the process can be stressful and like there is a time constraint, but as long as you prepare beforehand everything should go smoothly. 

Make sure to also get an ample amount of sleep during this time. It can be easy to miss out on sleep because you’re working hard to get the process done quickly, but a lack of sleep ends up negatively affecting your body and mind. If both your physical and mental state are not at their best during a moving process, you can end up making mistakes and hurting yourself. When a day’s work has been completed in the best way possible and it’s time to go to bed, sleep. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself the next morning! 

Hire a Moving Company & Avoid All the Risk 

Due to the complexities that lie within a moving process, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get it done on your own with friends + family. Luckily, there are affordable, highly professional moving services out there that can help — such as here at Augusta Movers. For years, our team has worked day in and day out to provide clients with smooth, hassle-free moves. To learn more about the best moving services in Toronto, be sure to contact us at +1 (647) 783-8730 today!