Moving to a Cottage

Ah, summer. Long sunny days, the smell of fragrant honeysuckle on the breeze and- what’s that?- the noise of traffic horns blaring outside your window? The noisy sounds of the city sure don’t belong in a relaxing summer’s day. Take advantage of all that this glorious season has to offer and consider purchasing a cottage.

When looking for your summer home, make a list of what’s important to you. Do you want a fully updated and furnished 4 season home? Or are you looking for a more rustic cabin, complete with an outhouse? Do you want fast internet access, as many rural areas still do not have high speed internet available. Must it be located directly on the water, complete with dock and boat slip? There are so many variables when choosing the best cottage for your lifestyle.

It doesn’t have to be a million dollar summer home on Lake Muskoka. With a little digging, there are cottages to be found for a reasonable price. Consider heading to a lesser known lake and beginning your search there. You may have to travel a bit further to find what you’re looking for in the price range you’re comfortable with, so do take that into consideration. If you’re planning on heading up every single weekend, the extra in gas and time may not be worth the money saved up front on purchase price. Weigh your options carefully to decide what the best financial decision for your family is.

If you’re handy, buying a diamond in the rough might be the way to go. Not only can you find a fixer upper cottage relatively inexpensively, but by putting the work in you will be increasing its value. Consider how far away the nearest home improvement centre is before taking on a big project. And don’t forget to have a home inspector come to see just how much work needs doing. There are many things that can go wrong with a cottage- carpenter ants, water damage, etc. Ensure the summer home you’re purchasing won’t cost you more than you’re prepared to spend.

If your new summer home is unfurnished, consider hiring professional movers (you’re in the right place for that!) to move some of your older appliances and furniture to it. Replace these well loved items with new in your year round home. Since cottages are often a place to relax, take it easy, and get sand and water on the floor, having all brand new furniture there may not be the best financial decision as they’re likely to be treated a little more roughly. Although it may seem tempting to move such items yourself, it’s a huge job and it may take several trips. And oftentimes the distance to the cottage can be quite far.

So start searching for your little piece of paradise today. Once you’re all moved in, all that’s left to do is relax. Hop in the hammock, close your eyes and listen to the sweet sounds of nature surrounding you. Just don’t forget the bug spray!