Our Tips on Moving With Antiques

August 13, 2020

Moving is always a practice of efficient organizing paired with gentle handling. During every move, there will be some fragile items that must be treated with care. When it comes to moving antiques from one place to another, there are a million questions that may arise ahead of moving day. Instead of being drowned in anxiety, we recommend working with a reliable moving company, such as Augusta Moversthat has experience with transporting antiques. Below, we’ve shared a few more tips that can help keep your antiques safe during transport.

Get Your Antiques Ready

Before packing, there are some preparations you can do yourself to ensure your fragile items are protected. To start, give yourself extra time before you need to move to prepare. After all, when it comes to antiques, once it is gone it can never be replaced.

Make a list of all the antiques you plan to take with you when you move. In the event of a dispute, a detailed inventory is a great place to refer to. When packing, make sure that you have ample supplies to wrap each item. Don’t think about saving money when it comes to protecting fragile items.

A lot of moving companies will offer additional services or special moving accommodations for delicate items. Make sure to check with your moving company ahead of the big day to see what types of programs are available. It is also a good idea to insure your antiques in the event something does happen.

Hire Professional Movers for Your Antiques

When it comes to hiring a company to move your possessions, it is important to choose a company that has the experience you need to make your project a success. Companies that specialized in fragile shipments and antiques should be your first choice for a plethora of reasons.

  • Experience – Companies with an antique moving specialties will have the knowledge and the experience in moving fragile items. They will make sure that your items are properly delivered in the same condition as when they picked them up.
  • Timeframe – Being on time is just as important as handling your antiques with care. Professionals will be able to adhere to your set schedule without putting your precious cargo at risk.
  • Safe Transport – Safety is the most important aspect of moving antiques and other fragile items. Hiring professionals ensures that your items will arrive in perfect condition at your final destination.

Choosing the Right Company

Choosing the right company to move your antiques can be confusing, but there are a few things to keep in mind when considering who to hire. Check the reviews on the website and on third party sites from past customers. Ask for an in-person meeting to get a quote for the work, and make sure you get the price in writing. Communication is very important with any moving project that features special arrangements, so make sure you are comfortable before making a hiring decision.

The Bottom Line

Moving fragile items such as antiques can be a daunting task, but with the right company, anything is possible. Augusta Movers is here to offer you the most reliable moving services for fragile items, antiques, and more. To set up a consultation for your next move, give us a call at (647)783-8730 today.

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