Office Movers & How Long They Take

Moving stuff from one home to another can be complex, but what about moving offices? Most people will assume, based on understandable reasoning, that it will be easier to move from office to office than it would be from home to home. This is generally true, but how long does this process take exactly? Making sure that you can get back to your job is important, so knowing how long an office move will take is vital. To learn about this process, how long it takes and more, check out the information we here at Augusta Movers have come up with. 

The Short Answer 

Whilst every moving team would be more than happy to give their readers a clear, concise answer, there simply isn’t one. The amount of time a move will take will almost entirely depend on how many items the client has, how large or complicated those items are to move, how far away each office is from each other, etc. The answer will also depend on what team you decide to hire as well. While less experienced moving teams cost less money, they are more likely to take longer moving your stuff. When you hire a more experienced team, on the other hand, moving becomes quicker and easier. 

The Longer Answer 

Other factors that affect how long an office move will take include how large or how small your business is. If you own a smaller business with no more than 10 employees, professionals will move much quicker than they would working with a business of 50+ employees. The weather/time of year also affects how long this move will take, as inclement weather such as snow, rain and ice can put delays onto a moving process.  

One of the final aspects that can have an impact on how long an office move takes is the layout of an office. This includes both the office you are moving out of, as well as the office you’re moving into, as professional movers will more than likely be working in both of these spaces. If the offices are on higher floors in a building with no proper elevator access, things can get more complicated and the process can be much more lengthy. Narrow hallways and tightly-crammed rooms are also factors in how movers will go about working within a space. 

How Our Moving Company Can Help 

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch is by hiring the right team for the job. Without the proper team members there to help you, things can get complicated and confusing real quick. Luckily, here at Augusta Movers, our highly experienced staff help you to understand every step of the process along the way. We work with you and your businesses’ needs, so you can go about your upcoming office move with ease. To learn more about our commercial movers in Toronto and how they can help, be sure to phone us at +1 (647) 783-8730 today!