Packing for a Long Distance Move

Are you preparing for a long distance move? Maybe across the province or perhaps even as far as from Toronto to Edmonton? Although it may feel like an entirely daunting task packing and preparing for a long distance move, it’s entirely doable! Just try out a few of these tips to help get you started packing.

First and foremost- hire a moving company. These people have the experience and expertise to get you moved smoothly and safely from point A to point B. A good place to look for a reputable moving company is on the website Homestars. This website uses reviews from people who have personally used services to rate companies. The higher the rating, the better chance you will have a great experience also. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to get packing! We sell a large supply of boxes, tape etc. to get you started on securing your belongings for the long journey ahead. Remember to get an assortment of sizes and types of boxes. Light items such as fluffy duvets, stuffed animals etc. can go in the larger boxes, while books and dishes should go in smaller ones so they can be moved and stacked more easily. Wrap your breakables well, and carefully place them in small tubs or boxes, being sure not to over pack.

Furniture is likely some of the most expensive items being moved, and therefore requires special packing for extra protection – especially when it’s being moved a long distance. August Movers uses paper packing on your furniture, similar to bubble wrap but with a fabric-type interior and a plastic exterior. It is a heavy duty, multi-layer wrap which is of the highest standard for protecting your furniture during a long distance move. Each piece of furniture will be professionally and properly wrapped, from bottom to top. And at the end of your long journey, your furniture will arrive just as it left, with no new scratches or dents!

Since you are moving a long distance, repeat trips to transfer all of your belongings won’t be a reality. Everything likely has to go in a single trip. So it’s important to take inventory of everything you own, and try to cut down the amount you are moving by selling or donating some items. Then decide what items you won’t be needing right away and they can be packed up ahead of time (seasonal items, your Shakespeare collection, etc.) Keep the items you will be using frequently and will need for overnight stays in hotels during your moving trip well labeled as such and in a special spot where they won’t accidentally be stowed where they can’t easily be reached. Items such as passports, birth certificates, medications, etc. should be kept with you where they can be quickly accessed.

While moving to the land of far, far away can be a bit scary, don’t let the move itself be! With a little prep, and choosing professional movers like Augusta Movers, you can rest assured your valued belongings will safely make their way to your new home.