Packing Tips From Moving Professionals

Packing for a residential move can be a taxing job, so you want to be sure that you are getting the best advice possible from the most experienced professionals out there. Luckily for you, we here at Augusta Movers have come up with some advice on how to pack effectively for a move: 

  1. Distribute weight into the right sized boxes. This means placing heavier items within smaller boxes so they are easier to carry. Lighter items, such as pillows and linen should go in larger boxes. This makes sure that the weights are even within the boxes and they aren’t too difficult to move.  
  2. Leave no empty space behind! Empty spaces in boxes are just more areas to put extra stuff! Fill spaces with easy to pack things such as blankets, plushies, etc. 
  3. Label each box accordingly. This means not only labelling them for what is inside, but also labelling which room they belong in. When you forget to label boxes, you are making your moving process much harder. 
  4. Heavy on the bottom, light on the top! This tip is extremely important because it reduces the risk of any of your valuables breaking during your move. Heavier items on the bottom ensure that no light valuables are being crushed/broken underneath.  
  5. Wrap fragile items. When you are packing glass (or any other type of material that is easily broken), make sure you wrap them individually to prevent them from crashing into one another and breaking. As a general rule, you want to wrap all of your fragile items with a decent amount of bubble wrap/paper towel/fabric. 
  6. Use tape effectively. Make sure that you don’t overdo sealing the box from just the top — make sure the bottom/sides are taped properly as well.  

How We Can Help 

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