Preparing for a Long Distance Move: Part Two

In our previous post, we talked about some of the most important things to do when implementing a long distance move. In this post, our team at Augusta Movers will continue to talk about these tips to ensure you have only the best quality advice out there.  

Begin Packing as Soon as You Possibly Can 

Above every other factor of a long distance move, packing is the most time consuming one of them all. This means that the second you are able to start packing (after creating a checklist, collecting equipment and labelling boxes) you must do so right away so as to not cause any delays in your move. Most people assume that we mean this task will take a few hours, maybe more. In reality, packing for a move will usually take many days, and in some cases, weeks to complete.  

Look Out for Flaws in Packaging 

Packing may initially seem like a task that is simple, but there are many things you can do that will turn the whole process upside down. This means you should always keep a keen eye out for little flaws you may have created along the way. A long distance move means your stuff will be transported for hours or days on end, so you want to be fully certain that everything stays safe and is packed properly. You will want to: 

  • Check boxes/containers for damage. Your boxes and containers should be crack, tear and gap-free. Ensure that your boxes are free of infestations or mould, and that both boxes and containers are free of any damage that could compromise their ability to keep your stuff secure.  
  • Tape your boxes sufficiently. Even though a cardboard box may seem strong enough to hold all of your stuff, chances are a long distance move could rustle said boxes and cause things to fall out, spill and even break. Make sure to tape down any gaps, creases or folds that could easily open within a moving truck. 
  • Don’t overstuff your boxes. Ensure that you stay underneath the max. weight capacity for cardboard boxes. Each box is different, but you will want to (generally) make sure all of your boxes contain stuff that weighs under 50lbs.  

Label Your Boxes/Containers Accordingly 

Labelling is such an important factor of moving that people often ignore. This step alone can greatly help organize your move and give yourself a peace of mind when you eventually enter your new living space. The best way to label your boxes is by organizing them by room. You can also label certain boxes “essentials” so you know which ones need to be unpacked the second you enter your new place. You can go as far as writing the contents of each box and special handling instructions if need be. Different colour markers also go a long way to help better identify which boxes need to go where. 

Hire The Right Long Distance Moving Company 

When choosing the right long distance moving service, you want to be certain they tick of all the boxes. What boxes are these you ask?  

  • Customer Support: The right companies will offer ample customer support. This means that whenever you need assistance or have any questions, a moving company will be there to help guide you through all of the difficult steps.  
  • Highly reputable: There’s nothing that screams “high quality service” quite like a business with a good reputation. The best way to find if a company matches their core values is by looking at their online reviews- if the large majority are good or excellent, you know your project will be in the right hands. 
  • Versatile: If you are looking for a company that has extensive experience in the field, look for a company that offers a wide range of different moving services. This will show the customer that their team has a wide range of experience in all things moving related, regardless of its type. 
  • Affordable pricing: The best way to ensure you’ve chosen the right company is by looking at their prices. You want their offers to be not too expensive, and not too cheap. One would assume that cheaper services are better, but this can often mean quality is spared significantly, or that the team doesn’t have too much experience. Find a general average and go with the one that offers the best deal out of the bunch. 
  • Getting along is important: Above all else, you want a team that is attentive, understanding and helpful for every step of your moving process. When you find the company you’d like to work with, a phone call can tell you everything you need to know about a business. In general, you want to be sure you mesh well with the employees/movers at a certain company so that you can feel comfortable giving them the important job. 

When you are looking for a company that offers all of the factors above, look no further than our moving company at Augusta Movers. For years, we have worked hard to give everyone a peace of mind with their long distance move in Toronto. To learn more about our team and how we can make your move easier than ever, be sure to contact us at (647) 783-8730 today! We look forward to hearing from you.