Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

July 20, 2021

Ready to move but haven’t selected a moving company to go with yet? At Augusta Movers, we understand how hard it can be to find a professional company that checks all your boxes. That’s why our team has created this post with a list of questions you can ask your moving company candidates to help you sort through the pros and cons of each company.  

Professional moving companies such as our team will be able to answer each question you have while also being accommodating and understanding. If you are interested in aresidential move, start by asking our team the following questions to get a better sense of who we are. 

Ask Questions About the Company 

This first question is “Are you licensed and insured?“, which is an important one to note down. This is because some movers are only licensed in one province, so if you have a long-distance move coming up, they might not be your best option. The next question is “How long have you been in business“. This will give you a good indication of how much experience they have and will help you to eliminate untrustworthy companies. You can also ask “Are you hiring people from temp agencies?” to get a better sense of who will be performing the work for you. 

Ask Questions About Their Customer Service 

You can also ask the company “How do you handle complaints?” which will be a good indication of how approachable they are. No one wants to wait around for months to get a complaint or question answered. Asking “What is the policy for damaged items?” is also a great question to see how their customer service department would deal with a situation like this. Another question you can ask is “What kind of payment do you accept?“. This will help you determine if they are right for you. 

Ask Question About Their Process 

Before selecting a moving company, finding out how they will charge your move is important. For example, you can ask them “Do you charge your services by weight, distance, hours, or crew involved?”. This is will give you a good idea of how expensive their services might be. You should also always ask the moving company “Have you completed this type of move before?”. This is especially important in the long distancing moving processes as you want to select a team that is experienced. 

How We Can Help 

Whether your family has a short or long-distance move ahead of you, our team at Augusta Movers is always ready to be at your service. We are further always available to answer any and all of your questions 100% honestly. Give our team a call today and feel free to ask our team about our packing/unpacking services, if our trucks have air conditioning, an estimate of how long your move will last, our cancellation policy, our storage solutions, and our restrictions on the packaging. You can reach us today at 647-783-8730. 

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