Renovating? Should You Stay at Home Or Relocate?

A renovation is a great way to change the look of your home while also increasing the overall property value. It will also allow you to customize your home in a way that makes your space more welcoming, comforting, and more suited to your specific preferences. Now that you have decided to move forward with your changes, it’s time to think about how you will go about completing your project. Should you stay at home, or should you move offsite during the upgrades? Augusta Movers has ideas on both options for you to consider.

Staying On Site

One positive aspect of living on site while your home is being renovated is that you can keep a constant eye on the contractors working in your home. If there is a problem, or if you want to make unplanned changes, you can deal with it right away. You also are able to ensure that your renovation work is going according to plan. If you have kids that attend school in the area, living on the site will allow you to maintain their schedules with minimal interruptions. You can also keep your same work routine since you won’t be changing locations.

Living Offsite

Moving out while your home is being remodeled also has its benefits. Depending on the amount of work you are getting done, there may be a significant amount of air pollution inside of your home. Dust, debris, chemical odors, and noise are all things you can avoid by living offsite. If you do choose to move out while the work is being completed, you will have to figure out where to stay, and for how long. If you have friends or family that are willing to house you, the cost will be minimal, but if you have to rent an apartment, your expenses may surpass your expectations. If the work you want to be done will only take a week or two, consider scheduling your family vacation for the same time period.

Advice for Living On Site From Augusta Movers

After considering both options, if you choose to stay in your home while completing your upgrades, take our advice in regards to moving forward.

– Move your family to a section of the house that isn’t being renovated

– Create and set the daily work hours for the crew in advance

– If you can, empty the area that will be remodeled. Move all furniture out of the room, if you can, then make sure to cover every surface with a durable tarp

– Pack up small items from the work area, and store them using our storage services

– Speak with your renovation company about their air purification setup and how often they will air out the work area

– Keep an eye on the progress, but don’t impede the crews work

Always try to keep your cool with your family and with the people working on your home. Renovating can be stressful, and having a house full of strangers around your family can be unnerving. It’s only for a short time, and the end results will leave you with a smile. If you need help with your next home project, give Augusta Movers a call at 647-783-8730 to see how we can help.