How To Save Time While Moving

While planning a move is difficult, executing a residential move can be even more difficult. The entire process is often seen as stressful, tiring and time consuming. In order to make this process easier, you will want to make sure to thoroughly plan everything out; this way you can save both your time and your energy. Our team at Augusta Movers explains below.  

Put Together A Schedule 

Leaving things to the last minute can cause a lot of stress. This is why you want to start planning at least a month before you conduct the move. Writing down a checklist on a piece of paper helps make the process much easier, as you can go through each task one-by-one. Plan to do more tasks over the weekend and make a weekly checklist that is doable. This way you can stick to the schedule as it is written and avoid any last minute issues. 

Sell Items That Are Not Needed 

A lot of people do not realize how many items are not needed in their home. If you are going through your stuff and find things that are not worth moving, either because you don’t use them anymore or they take up space, donate them or sell them to close/family friends. This way, the items do not have to be thrown away and instead given to someone in need. 

Come Up With A Packing Method 

Coming up with a method to pack with is a great way to stay organized and neat throughout the moving process. When you implement this type of strategy, you save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend being unorganized and all over the place. This tactic will also ensure that certain items end up in the room that they’re supposed to. You can do so by colour coding boxes and containers, labeling them with tape, etc.  


If you have hired a professional staff of movers, draw a quick layout of the new home, and where each of the boxes go so your move in can be completed in the way you want it to be done. 

Buy A Good Amount Of Packing Supplies 

Without the right packing supplies, your precious valuables are not safe. Make sure you have plenty of boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. You can also pack items in things such as suitcases and containers. If you run out of bubble wrap and need to protect more fragile items, you can use soft fabrics such as pillows, blankets and towels. 

Clean Up Your New Home Before Moving In 

We understand that a new house can give people a feeling of happiness and excitement. While your new house is empty of stuff, you should take advantage of this situation and clean your new space from top to bottom. Be sure to vacuum, dust and wash all of the surfaces and floors to make your new home look even more spectacular when it’s fully furnished.  

Clear Space In Your Home For The Moving Process 

When you hire a moving company, movers will be walking in and out of your house to pack things into the moving truck(s). To make this process easier on the workers, make sure you clear enough space for them to walk around and do their job. There should be a clear path so they have enough mobility to move things in and out, and while you are doing that, also make sure to unplug any and all appliances from their sockets. 

Hire Professional Movers For Your Next Big Move 

When you decide to go through with a Residential Moving in Toronto, it will take off a lot of the stress and time one would normally put in on their own. Professionals will make sure that the job is done in the best way possible, ensuring a secure and safe move for you and your loved ones. If you want to learn more about how our team at Augusta Movers can help with your next move, be sure to give us a call at 647-783-8730 today!