Stay Healthy During Your Move

Autumn is here. Congratulations if you’ve just sold your home, or bought a new one! It’s a lot of work preparing for that move. And with the cooler weather comes a busy holiday season. Lots of friends, family and food to be had….often in close quarters. With all of these festivities happening, coupled with the cold outside air and hot indoor air, viruses spread like wildfire. The last thing you want is to get sick as you’re preparing to move your homes’ entire contents!

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure- and this sure is the case when it comes to avoiding illness! An easy place to start is to wash your hands! Sounds simple enough, but it’s an easy thing to slack on. Always use soap, and wash for at least 15 seconds (sing the ABC song in your head). Wash before and after eating, after blowing your nose, after toileting, after shopping, after touching money, before touching a baby, etc. etc. Make sure you have lots of hand cream nearby, because with all the hand washing going on, it’s going to be a necessity!

Ensure you’re eating as healthfully as possible. Skip the over-processed food. Steer clear of takeout with little nutrition but high sodium and calories. Opt for fresh produce and whole grains instead. Also make sure that vitamins are a part of your daily routine. If you find it’s not possible to get the recommended daily requirement of vitamins and minerals from your diet, consider taking a multi-vitamin.

Many medical professionals recommend getting an annual flu shot. This is the time of year that it’s really encouraged. It contains defense against a few influenza strains, which change every year. Although not 100% effective, as there are many more flu strains around than what the current years’ flu shot protects against, experts believe it decreases the odds of contracting influenza by a large percentage. There are many places to get one, including your doctor’s office, a pop-up flu clinic or even pharmacy. Speak to your Doctor about whether getting a flu shot is right for you and your family.

Try to keep stress at bay. This may seem an impossible task considering you’re selling your house and moving! But try different tactics to accomplish being as stress free as possible. Stress has a direct effect on your immune system, lowering your natural defenses. Some people swear by yoga or meditation as a stress reliever. Others find journaling, or just taking a relaxing soak in a hot tub effective. Exercise is also an excellent stress reliever.

Speaking of exercise, this is a cornerstone of good health. Exercise improves your defense against illness on so many levels. It can be hard to work exercise into a busy life- especially when planning a move is thrown into the mix. Why not make the most of your move, and “workout” every night by packing? Make a concentrated effort to squat each time you put a book in a box to pack? Once a box is packed, do 10 jumping jacks for joy! Add your own ideas to this routine, and you’ll have created a great workout….all the while packing for your upcoming move.

So stay as healthy as possible, and when moving time arrives you’ll be much more able to plan and organize how your move will go.