The Best Way to Unpack

June 20, 2019

Once the hustle and bustle of moving is over and you have spent your first night in your new space, it’s time to think about unpacking. Getting truly settled into your new place will take time, but at least you can unpack in an orderly fashion to help speed up the process.

Preparing to move, packing, transporting all of your possessions, and then doing it in reverse requires an immense amount of organization. A unique challenge comes of turning a pile of cardboard boxes back into the home you remember.

Here are a few suggestions from Augusta Movers to help you get unpacked with as little fuss as possible. To start, your preparations will have begun prior to your move. Each of your packed boxes should be labeled, so start by placing those in their corresponding room before you get started.

Decide if You Will Need Help

For those who have a big space to fill, or if you are short on time, you may need some help. Think about just how much time you can dedicate to unpacking and decide if asking your friends or family is the right option for you. If you want a more viable option or just don’t want to impose on anyone, you can hire movers to help you unpack.

Getting Started

Always unpack your rooms in their order of importance. This will ensure you have the things you need on hand, and that you get the important items done before you get tired.

Sleeping Areas

Your bedroom is presumably the most significant room in your home. Get your bed assembled and your linens unpacked before you move on to any other area of your home. It is also an excellent time to get the basics of your wardrobe placed in the closet. Your daily-use items should also be unpacked in your bedroom ASAP.


After your bedroom, your bathroom is the next essential area you should target. You will need a place to wash away the day and store all of your toiletries. Bathrooms don’t take very much time to organize, which is another reason to get it out of the way early.

Your Kitchen

Once the sleeping area and your bathrooms are complete, you can think about your belly. That’s right, the kitchen. Getting your kitchen unpacked and organized will allow you to fuel your family with healthy meals. Go ahead and set up your countertop appliances and get your larger appliances cleaned and functional. This area may take a few days to get perfect, but getting the bulk of the work out of the way will work wonders.

How We Can Help

After unpacking the main items in each of these areas, set a schedule to complete the remainder. If you need a helping hand, we are here to help. Give Augusta Movers a call at 647-783-8730 to find out more about our services, obtain a price quote, or to schedule an appointment.

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