The Breakdown of Pricing for a Long-Distance Move

Are you thinking about moving long-distance? If so, Augusta Movers is always here to help! Moving over a long distance is an exciting endeavor, but also one that can be fraught with potential setbacks and even higher costs. Understanding the cost and working with a company that has transparent pricing like Augusta Movers can make the whole process much easier. To help you understand what is involved in a long-distance move, we have broken down some of the costs for your consideration.


The biggest part of any long-distance moving fee is the actual mileage of the travel. The further away you move, the more you will pay. This rate is a combination of time plus fuel cost for each vehicle used in your move. Overall, this is one of the easiest parts of breaking down moving costs to understand.


The next biggest cost when it comes to moving long-distance is the weight of the items you are moving. Everything you pack contributes to the total weight of your move. This can be an item as small as a table lamp to something as large as a sofa set or grand piano. Fragile items will also incur an extra cost because the specialized packaging they require will add to the overall weight.

When looking for a moving estimate, it is a good idea to know how much you plan to pack in advance of getting pricing. You can use an online weight calculator to estimate the weight of both common and obscure items that you will be moving from your home. This list will also come in handy for the movers so they can offer the most precise estimate of cost as possible.

Optional Additional Services

Once you have calculated weight and distance cost, then extra services will come into play. Some extra services that may increase the cost are things like having the moving company pack on your behalf or using their commercial packaging for your travel. Help with packing can be limited to as little as a few fragile or awkward items to your entire home.

Help breaking down larger items for transport is another extra service that homeowners can benefit from. You can even have the moving team reassemble them at your final destination. Another common extra cost is short term or long term storage. Sometimes there is a delay in moving out or moving in that requires some items to be stored offsite. Long carry fees, elevator costs, and storage fees are just some of the ways your overall cost may increase.

Get a Custom Quote From Augusta Movers

When preparing for your long-distance move there are many things that can affect your final price. Augusta Movers is always here to create a customized quote for your move based on distance, weight, and any other particular you need to be considered. Our team offers some of the best rates around while maintaining superior service. For more information, give us a call at 647-783-8730 today.