The ins and outs of Proper Packing

When packing for your move, it involves a lot of thought and preparation. From gathering packing material to how to pack your belongings safely, it actually is a big learning curve. But fear not! Here are some helpful tips compiled to get you moving!

It may seem obvious to head to the grocery store to see if you can snag some free boxes to pack your belongings in. But before you do, consider the risk: What, exactly, has come into contact with those boxes? They may have been used to transport raw meat or fish, and therefore may have harmful bacteria on them. The last thing you want to have happen is salmonella poisoning while getting ready to move! Even a box labeled that it was for fruit may have spider eggs or mites lurking inside. The safest vessels to pack your homes’ contents in are those purchased at a store or moving facility. Augusta Movers carries a wide variety of moving supplies that are clean and safe. Any nasty “surprises” can be avoided this way.

Bubble wrap, bubble wrap, bubble wrap….you really can’t have enough of it. It’s surprising just how many breakable items are in a household. Wrap each item a few times, and secure with tape. When packing your breakables, use shallow boxes- don’t pile them high on top of one another, even if they’re wrapped. Besides, shallow, smaller boxes are easier and lighter to carry, and therefore it’s less likely that the box bottom will break under the weight. Oh and if you do somehow end up with extra bubble wrap? It’s a great stress reliever to pop the bubbles!

Are you moving food? Stock up on coolers and ice packs! Make sure you’ve got those ice packs nice and frozen and ready to go on the big day. When moving day arrives, pack your coolers with your refrigerated/ frozen foods and label them for your moving company using a numeric system. For example, if you have 6 coolers, label 1/6, 2/ 6 etc. This way your movers will know how many coolers you have filled with perishable material!

When moving your electronics, there’s usually A LOT of cords that go with them. Be sure and label what each cord is for before you disconnect it! Especially when it comes to televisions, receivers etc., use a little masking tape and colour code where each connector belongs. For example, a bit of tape with a red dot over the audio in port will match the cable with the same masking tape red dot on it. And so on and so forth. It just makes set up so much quicker and easier once you’ve moved. Once you’ve labeled and removed all those cables and cords, wrap them up nicely and secure them with zip ties for a nice, organized way to pack them.

So hopefully these tips will help you along in your packing expedition. With some supplies from our moving supplies section and some careful planning, you’ll be all packed up and ready to go before you know it!