Things to Consider During a Winter Move

To most people, the thought of moving in the bitter cold is a terrible idea. Sure, the weather conditions may not be ideal, but did you know that in some cases winter is the best time to undergo a residential move? Since summer and spring are extremely busy times for movers, scheduling a move during the winter gives companies more time to spend on your project and makes it easier to find something that works with your schedule. Below, our team Augusta Movers would like to explain everything you need to know about moving during the wintertime.  

Get Your House Ready 

If it happens to snow on or before moving day, you’ll have to put more prep work in than you may have initially signed up for. In order for the movers to work effectively and on time, be sure to grab your shovel and clear a patch for both you and the movers on moving day. If there are any slippery/icy surfaces (sidewalk, driveway or otherwise), make sure to use salt so that no one injures themselves during the process. To make certain that your house stays clean, also try and place down tarp/plastic covering onto the foyer of the home so people do not get the floor wet & dirty.  

Opt for Plastic Storage Bins 

If you know that heavy snow or rainfall is going to occur on your moving day, cardboard boxes are not the greatest thing to be using for packing stuff, especially electronics. Since cardboard absorbs water, the moisture can leak through the box and seep into all of your belongings. This is especially dangerous when it has to do with anything containing electric parts. 

If possible, try using plastic containers to store your stuff instead. These storage bins will protect your items from any moisture or cold conditions, and keep everything inside safe, warm and dry. If you can’t afford renting or purchasing a plastic container for everything in your home, this is completely understandable. At the least, if you’re expecting rainfall on your moving day, try having one plastic container dedicated to your electronics. Alternatively, you can cover your cardboard box with plastic or a tarp to prevent water from seeping inside.  

Make Sure Your Checklist is Completed 

When your moving day eventually comes along, a lot will be happening in a short time frame. Due to the sheer craziness and busyness of a moving day, you want to be certain that all of the tasks you were supposed to previously work on are all finished accordingly. This means making sure all of your items are packed, labelled, and wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper if they are fragile. Packing ahead of time will really give you the headstart you will need on move out/move in day. 

Be Ready for Everything 

During the winter, the weather can cause a lot of unpredictable obstacles and delays. In order to avoid this, keep your eyes out for any storms that may be coming through your area. If a storm happens to take place on the day you’re booked for moving, chances are you will need to reschedule to maintain the best in both safety and efficiency. 

Hire The Right Moving Company 

When all is said and done, you will want a company that can move you in and out of your living space regardless of the time of year. Here at Augusta Movers, we help you move in and out of your spaces with ease — summer, fall, winter and spring. If you’d like to book a Residential Moving in Toronto with us, be sure to contact our team at +1 (647) 783-8730 today!