Tips on Moving While Selling Your Home

Moving is always difficult – finding movers, packing, and getting everything in order for your new place. Selling your house is also an often highly stressful endeavor that involves marketing your home, listing it for sale, and meeting with buyers among a host of other things. Homeowners who are trying to do both at the same time face a unique set of challenges. Thankfully Augusta Movers is here to give you tips on moving while selling your home at the same time.

Selling Your Home

Homeowners in Toronto will need to complete a plethora of tasks prior to actually putting their home on the market. To start, the house needs to be prepared. That means completing any repairs needed, getting the home inspected, staging the home for open house events and finally listing it for sale.

Once your house is on the market and you have started getting offers, you will need to settle in to wait for your buyer to secure a mortgage loan. While many buyers get a pre-approval in advance of looking for a house, there may be times when your buyer is unable to get approval and you are back to square one.

When your house is placed on the market where there is a lot of competition it may result in an extended sale period as people take time reviewing all of their available options in the immediate area. There is also the issue of inspections, sometimes a lender will request another inspection for the sale to be approved so living in the home while its placed on the market may not be as easy as it seems.

Real Estate Contingency Clauses

In most cases, there are clauses built into a contract for a home. Some may be standard, while others may be specific to the sale of your home in particular. In many cases, even if a house has been placed under contract, sellers can keep showing their home to elicit back up contracts in the event that the primary offer falls through. Most contingencies are tied to specific time frames, such as:

  • Subject to financing
  • Subject to sale
  • Subject to inspection

This allows either party a chance to opt-out of the contract in the event the conditions are not met. If there is a buyer who may not be serious, this allows the seller to move on to the next contract in a timely manner without facing too much of a loss.

Selling Your Home While Moving

When your house is placed on the market, buyers can come by at pretty much any time to view the house. This means that your house needs to be ready, organized and looking its best at all times. When you are in the process of moving, this can often be a problem.

You should make a point to get rid of junk as soon as possible to prevent buyers from viewing an eyesore that may affect their desire to purchase the house. Keep your packing to limited parts of the house, such as packing one room at a time to cut down on clutter, and also ask your real estate agent to give you at least 30 minutes to 1-hour advance notice when showing your home so you can take care of any lingering mess. Augusta Movers is always here when you need us if you need more information on moving, selling your home, or staying organized, give us a call at 647-783-8730 to speak to one of our trained customer service professionals.