Tips to Make Moving with your Children Easy

Moving is always full of chaos, stress, and last minute changes to your game plan. When you add children into the mix, it can take chaos to a whole new level. Moving forces a change in your own habits and schedules, and as an adult you can adjust. However, children are another story. Not only are they leaving a place they have probably known their whole life, but they are also leaving behind friends and a regular schedule. Unfortunately, you will need to deal with these issues on top of the minor details that come with moving. Thankfully, all hope isn’t lost, as Augusta Movers has several tips to help make relocation with your kids easier on everyone.

Be Open

Kids have an uncanny ability to deal with changes much better than adults in some cases so don’t be afraid to let them know the deal from the start. Let them know when and why you are moving as well as give them encouragement in the form of the things they will be gaining in their new place instead of talking about what they are losing.

Get Them Involved

Make sure to keep the lines of communication open by getting them involved in the move itself. This will help them to feel included as opposed to feeling helpless in a new situation. Getting them involved and keeping them engaged in the process will also give them time to say their goodbyes to their friends and favorite places while mentally preparing to move on.

Pack Their Treasures

Every child has their favorite items and moving can sometimes cause something that may not be important to you, but mean the world to your child, to get left behind. Give your child a box and tell them to fill it with the things they can’t live without or that mean the most to them. This will ensure they are not left behind when you move, and it will give your kids a sense of power over their situation.

Give Them a Job

Keeping your children engaged in your move is a great way to keep them excited about living in a new space. Consider giving them a specific job such as counting boxes or making sure all of any particular item is packed and ready to go. Take them with you when you visit your new house to help them get used to the area and feel more at home. Ask them to list out paint colors for some of the rooms on the new house, or maybe pick some of the decor. This is a great way to get them actively interested in their new location.

Mind Your Mood

Moving is hard for adults and for kids, but as an adult it’s important that you don’t let your negative feelings show. Your children will mimic your thoughts, comments, and feelings so if you are despondent about the move, they will be too.

How We Can Help

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