Tools You Need To Stay Organized While You Move

November 26, 2019

The hardest part of moving is getting all of your things from one place to the other without any damage. Many people will go about moving and organizing without actually understanding the proper process. Besides knowing how to organize, you will also need the right tools to get the job done. Augusta Movers is here to help simplify the process by giving you an easy to follow guide on staying organized while you move.

Use the Right Tools

Anytime you approach a project you must be armed with the proper tools for success. To pack and stay properly organized you need two things, packing supplies and packing elements. Your packing supplies are things such as boxes, crates, tape, bubble wrap, and other containers. The packing elements are items such as cords, trailers, dollies and box cutters. To have a successful project, you will need both sets of items.

Packing Containers

Using cartons is a great way to pack things in your home which don’t require extra padding. This can be everything from books to linens. Make sure you arm yourself with a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can store things from any room in your home. Small cartons are perfect for knickknacks, silverware, pots, and books. Larger cartons are good for clothing, pillows, curtains and other fabrics. Packing things in containers will make them much easier to load and transport, as opposed to oddly shaped containers.

Packing Tape

Packing tape and duct tape are both sticky but they are not used for the same type of project. Duct tape is strong, but not strong enough for the moving process. Make sure to be generous in your use of heavy packing tape to keep your boxes and other moving containers secure. Always run lines of tape along the sides and the middle for a more solid hold.

Bubble Wrap

Plenty of things in your home will need to be protected before you pack them for your move. Bubble wrap is one of the most widely used materials for keeping delicate items safe during transport. The little bubbles keep your fragile items safe from harm in the event of an impact or shortfall. They are also easy to cut away so unpacking is easy once you reach your destination. Make sure that the bubbles are facing inside, touching your items to keep them safe.


Never underestimate the value of labeling your boxes after packing. As soon as you place the final seal on a box, make sure to label it with what is inside and what room the box belongs to in your new home. This will help you stay organized and unpack more quickly.

How Augusta Movers Can Help

Packing is never easy but with our handy tips, you can stay organized. Augusta Movers is always here to offer you advice and assistance any time you need to relocate. For more information about our services and packages, give us a call at 647-783-8730.

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