Top Tips on Small Closet Organization

Keeping your closet neat and orderly is never easy, especially while moving. When you are faced with space restrictions, organization becomes that much harder. Augusta Movers has some valuable tips to help you plan your small closet organization during and after your move.

Hangar Duty

One way to make good use of your small closet space is to reduce the number of items you actually store. Maybe you like buying things on sale, or you just picked up an outfit to match a passing trend. Whatever the reason, donating or selling your underused clothing will give you more space to work with. When you hang your clothes make sure to place all of the hangers facing the same direction. Once you wear an item, turn the hanger around to face the other side. By the end of the month, seasonal clothing on hangers that have not changed direction should be removed from your closet.

Heads Up

When it comes to storage space, most people think about horizontal shelving. You can increase your storage space exponentially simply by adding more shelves or units on top of the ones you have. You can also add hooks on doors and walls to help you get organized.

Tab It Up

Hooks and tabs are a great way to increase your clothing storage space without the need of actually building more space. You can stagger your tabs up along your closet wall in such a way that you can see everything at a glance.

Gymnasts Rods

As entertaining as it might be, we don’t genuinely want you to start doing flips in your closet. Our organization tip is simply installing a second hanger rod under your first one, similar to the uneven bars gymnast use. The will gives you an extra area to store scarves, ties, light clothing or other items to help you stay organized.

Light Me Up

Closets by nature are usually not very well lit. This can lead to disorganization, lost items, and underutilization of space. A convenient way to add light to your closet is by installing an affordable stick on LED light or motion sensor light. These tend to run on batteries and can be found at most big-box stores. Now that you have extra light, add some small drawers or shelves to store your knickknacks instead of flinging them on the floor or in a box.

Get Professional Help

In most cases, organizing a small closet doesn’t require outside assistance, but never feel shy about calling for help when you need it. If you are in need of a professional organizing service, make sure you find one that has enthusiastic reviews. They can help you organize your small closet space as well as the rest of your home if needed. For those who are thinking about having some additions made, hiring a professional may be the best way to get the job done.

How We Can Help

If you are in need of help moving or getting rid of unnecessary items, Augusta Movers is here to help. We know that starting fresh with a clean space is important after a move. Give us a call at (647) 783-8730, or shoot us an email at, to find out more about how we can help you get organized.