Transferring Your Utilities When You Move

Relocating entails many small details that are all equally important to the success of your move. Packing your things, cleaning out your fridge and hiring movers are just a few of the common tasks you need to complete ahead of your move. Along with the basics, you will also need to take care of a few equally if not more important tasks such as transferring your internet, phone, and utilities services to your new location.

Failure to end services before you leave will generate large bills in addition to costing you more to start new services at your other location. Taking care of transferring your utilities may seem like a complex project, but with a few tips from Augusta Movers, the process will be easier than you expect.

Make a List

Before you ask for new services to be started at your home, make sure that you arrange for your old services to be disconnected. Utilities that you should add to your list are:

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Phone

If you have other monthly services such as grocery delivery, magazine subscriptions, or anything similar, you should add them to the list as well. For those moving within a short distance from their current location, you may be able to have your services transferred. People moving farther away may have to cancel service and find a new provider in the local area. Creating a list and making a moving planner will help you stay on track and up to date with your disconnections and new connections. Make a note of the end and start dates for each service.

Shop Around

Relocating is a great opportunity to shop around and perhaps find better rates for your monthly services. It is also a chance to upgrade your services to any packages that you may have had an eye on before your move. Check for move-in offers, bundle specials, and rebates that you can receive from switching companies or starting a new service. Many companies charge for installation, but others offer rebates on those fees for choosing their service over their local competition.

Get in Touch

After getting your list of utilities together and finding which offers are available in your new location, it’s time to make some calls. You can send emails to get information on their hours or packages. However, to stop and start a service, we recommend that you always talk to a live person. Set aside at least thirty minutes per provider so that you have enough time to ask questions, get clarification, and set up your services properly. Depending on the provider you may need to provide a deposit for new lines of service or collect a deposit when you end service with no balance.

How We Can Help

When you move to a new home, changing over your utilities is a critical step. This ensures that you will have everything ready when you move in and no sudden bills after you move out. Make sure to give yourself an extra few days before your move for your new services to get started. We also recommend delaying your service cutoff date until the actual day of your move. If you need more tips or moving advice, the friendly agents here at Augusta Movers are always available to take your call at (647) 783-8730. We’re eager to help make your move as stress-free as possible!