Why You Should Avoid Cutting Costs for Your Move

Now that you are prepared to move into your new place, the only thing left to do is to pack up and move. With so many things to do, it is easy to lose sight of your budget if you are not cautious. Your new home likely costs you a significant amount of your savings, if not all of it. Now that you need to save money it may be tempting to cut costs from your moving expenses.

While you may think you will end up saving money, according to Augusta Movers hiring a cheap mover will end up costing you more at the end of the day. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid hiring cut-rate movers on your big day.

High Chance of Fraud

Not all cheap moving companies are frauds, but a high percentage of cut-rate movers do engage in fraudulent behavior. Lower rate companies don’t typically employ professional movers, trained personnel, or even bonded workers. That basically translates to broken items, dishonesty and even theft of your sentimental belongings. To make matters worse, not only will you not get a clear admission regarding missing or broken items, your job won’t even be covered for the losses.

Their Fixed Prices are not Fixed

Most cut-rate moving companies will offer you an astonishing rate over the phone claiming that there are no extra charges. However, you will seldom be able to get those rates in writing. In addition, once the job is done you will frequently be left with a bill that includes a myriad of extra charges. Since the work has already been completed, it will be extremely hard, if not impossible to avoid paying whatever charges they present you with.

Low or No Insurance

Professional moving companies are licensed, bonded, and insured. This gives you more security when it comes to your move, but it also comes at a price. Cheap moving companies are cheap for a reason, often because they cut on important services. Many low rate moving companies don’t carry insurance or have very limited insurance. That means that if your belongings are lost or damaged during the move, you are out of luck. Don’t expect to be informed ahead of time regarding liability or rather their lack thereof.

It Costs More in the End

The price you are given when you book your moving services and the price you pay at the end will very likely be worlds apart. You can expect additional charges for mileage, time, or even number of boxes that you were not informed of at the time of booking. If anything was broken, you can add that to your final expense as well.

Why Choose Us

There are plenty of reasons not to choose cut-rate moving companies if you value your belongings. Selecting a professional company like Augusta Movers is a safer choice even if the rate is a little higher. We handle all of your property with the care and respect you deserve and we guarantee that your items will arrive safe and sound. We have a diverse range of packages that fit just about every budget, so give us a call at 647-783-8730 to find out more!