Professional Long Distance Movers

Augusta Movers has earned a reputation (and awards!) as Toronto’s Best Moving Company, but you may be surprised to learn that not only are we the top local moving company, we are also long distance movers. If you are looking to make a move that takes you far away, look no further than Augusta Movers. We can help with every step, ensuring your items arrive safe and sound at your destination, with no hang-ups at customs or worries about misplaced items. With Augusta, you can rest assured that you will be our top priority, and we will strive to make sure every concern is met to make your move as stress-free as possible, leaving you free to focus on your future in a new, exciting place.


Your Ultimate Long Distance Moving Company

Our staff are professionally trained to ensure your belongings are in safe and responsible hands, and can guide you through all the steps involved in a long-distance move whether it is across the province, across the country, or across the globe. No matter the distance, you can count on Augusta’s promise to make your move a smooth one.


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