Residential Moving in Toronto

Moving to a new home is an exciting endeavour! New environment, new neighbourhood – a fresh start. However, the act of moving itself can be somewhat less exciting. It can be downright stressful!

Whether you have a one bedroom apartment or a 13 room mansion, We at Augusta Movers have made it our goal to provide a wide array of services that will aid in reducing, or even eliminating, that stress. Our skilled and highly trained professionals will handle your belongings with care, to ensure they reach your new home safe and sound. And, to ensure your peace of mind, you can rest assured knowing we are completely registered and insured. You can count on us, every step of the way.

Your personal belongings are just that – personal. We handle each and every piece we move as though it were our own. We all have items that mean something special to us, and because we don’t know which of your items are most important to you, we treat every single thing as though it were of utmost sentimental value.

Our moving process

Moving with Augusta Movers is easy

1. Book our service

2. We pack your goods

3. We move your goods

4. We unpack your goods

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