A Bathroom Reno can REALLY Pay Off!

Do you want to put your house up for sale, but are worried your bathroom will deter a potential bidding war?  Since bathrooms are one of the biggest selling features of a house, this could actually be the case!  So tackling this project before you list your home for sale is a great idea.  Time for a bathroom reno!

When renovating your bathroom to sell your home, choosing a neutral scheme that will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers is always best.  Instead of bright colours and large ornate fixtures, consider using soft, spa-like colours and simple clean lines.  White always works well in a bathroom.  It makes the room feel clean, which is definitely how one would want a bathroom to feel!  Injecting some personal style into the bathroom is important, though, but keep this small.  Perhaps adding a unique storage rack or some artwork is a good idea, as such items can be easily removed if they’re not the buyers’ personal taste.

You don’t want to break the budget re-doing your bathroom when you‘re selling, as you may not recoup your costs.  Instead of going for the carrara marble tiles, opt for a more budget friendly option such as classic white subway tile.  These tiles appeal to a broad audience and carry a timeless appeal.  After all, the 3×6 subway tiles have been around for ages and never seem to go out of style.   Do consider spending a little more on your bathroom vanity, as a large majority of people enjoy double sinks, and these vanities usually cost a little more.

When you’re planning on listing your home, usually there’s a timeframe in mind when you want to do this.  Ensure you leave enough time for your bathroom reno so it doesn’t interfere with your listing schedule.  It may seem like 3 weeks is enough time to re-do a bathroom….but renos rarely go as planned.  Double your estimated timeframe, or even triple it.  This will give you the time needed to deal with those unexpected surprises that pop up during a reno, and finish the job on time.  Another thing to keep in mind is to order your tile well in advance.  It should be ready to go when your tile installer needs it, and often tiles that need to be special ordered can take some time to arrive.  Start this homework early and you’ll be prepared when the work is well underway.

When moving- actually at any time- saving money is the goal.  So if you have some skill when it comes to home improvement, now’s the time to use it.  Ensure you are only doing projects that you’re qualified to do, though- now is not the time to attempt putting in an entire shower for the first time.  Leave plumbing and electrical to the professionals.  But demolition, painting, even some tiling are projects that can be tackled yourself to save some money.

So don’t hesitate to refresh your bathroom before you list your house for sale.  A nice bathroom is a super selling feature, and it could potentially bring you more money.  And remember, what knowledge you glean from this project will help you when you decide to renovate the bathroom in your new home!