A Thanksgiving Move

The smell of wood smoke in the air, chilly autumn nights and Canada Geese preparing to fly south for the winter are sure signs that Thanksgiving is around the corner! Whether you’re planning on hosting a large dinner in your new home, or preparing to sell, there’s a lot to be thankful for in this country we call home.

Moving in autumn is not as commonplace as moving in the spring and summer months. But many people find themselves listing their homes for sale as the weather gets cooler. The reasons for not listing in the warmer months can be as simple as necessity (such as relocation for a job) or choosing not to enter a market where there are a large number of similar properties for sale (as all that competition could lower your final sale price).

If you are selling now, decorate your house for autumn. This will appeal to buyers as it will make your house feel “homey” and welcoming. Buy a few pumpkins and place them strategically around your front porch, nestled in between a couple of potted Mums. Hang a fall-themed wreath on your front door, and ensure you have a clean welcome mat for prospective buyers to wipe their shoes on.

Indoors, you don’t want to go overboard with fall décor, as this can make your home appear cluttered and give the illusion that your home is smaller than it actually is. This will turn buyers off, and can decrease the amount your house will sell for. Stick to some fresh gourds in a glass hurricane vase on the otherwise clear table, and maybe some fresh branches off of a maple tree on a mantel. Keep the autumn décor out of bathrooms while you’re trying to sell. Bake some zucchini bread, pumpkin pie etc. and fill your home with incredible smells. Or if you’re not a baker, simmer a few cinnamon sticks and pumpkin pie spice (from a Bulk Food Store) in some water on your stove top. It will make your home smell wonderful and inviting.

In the hustle and bustle of moving, don’t forget to take a moment to savour the Thanksgiving season and all it has to offer. Head out to an apple orchard, pick some juicy, locally grown apples and enjoy a cup of hot apple cider with your family. Above all, entertain and enjoy your loved ones, whether you’re celebrating in your brand new home together or enjoying one last Thanksgiving in the home you will be leaving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!