An Updated Kitchen is a Great Selling Feature!

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home; and rightly so. This is where we gather, break bread together, and share our time with family and friends. But what if your kitchen is less than inviting? Are your cupboard doors hanging off their hinges? Is your tile floor cracked and uneven? Is that 80’s wallpaper border starting to get on your nerves? If you’re planning on moving, one of the main rooms prospective buyers pay a ton of attention to is the kitchen. Modernizing and updating your kitchen will help to sell your home for a better price.

Storage, storage, and more storage: it never hurts to have too much. So much happens in the kitchen that bountiful storage is a must. This will be an amazing selling feature. Consider removing the bulkhead above your cupboards (provided, of course, that duct work is not hiding behind the drywall!). If it’s an empty box, knock it out and you can run cupboards right up to your ceiling, getting full use of every square inch. Or, for a more airy look, leave it open and use this space as a shelf to display your china or other precious items. If you’re selling, try to keep as much as possible in the cupboards rather than out on display. Clear countertops make a kitchen feel more spacious.

If your countertops have seen better days, now is the time to replace them. There are several options to choose from. A couple popular stone ones are granite and quartz. These countertops may require more specialized care than you may be used to, but overall they’re hardworking, beautiful options, and are super selling features. Bamboo counters may be more up your alley. These countertops are eco friendly and can be more cost effective than their stone counterparts. Of course, there are plenty of other choices available as well, including some durable man-made types. Explore your options and settle on one that suites your style and budget.

Ensure your appliances are in good working order if you’re planning on leaving them behind when you move. Although Augusta Movers will happily move your appliances for you to your new home, many people choose to leave them behind for the new owners. If you’re planning on buying new appliances before listing your house to update and ensure they’re in good working order, stainless steel is a good choice. This finish has been popular for some time now, and is still holding strong. It gives a more luxurious look to your kitchen.

If time is not on your side, or budget is an issue, try to do some small updates in your kitchen before listing your home for sale. A modern light fixture over the breakfast nook, fresh curtains in a light neutral colour, and new cupboard knobs are all relatively simple, cost effective updates that can make a big difference.

So before you list your home, a first step in planning your move is making sure your kitchen is updated and functioning like a kitchen should. By doing this, you’ll have an advantage over other homes for sale at the same time as yours, and you’ll be making a call to the moving company sooner than later.