Choosing the Right Mover: How to Avoid getting Scammed

When moving, there is a lot to consider. But whether or not the moving company you’ve chosen will meet your expectations shouldn’t be a concern. You’ve entrusted a company with your most personal and often irreplaceable belongings, and there are so many more things to be thinking about when moving than if you can trust your movers.

First and foremost, do your homework. Find out if the moving company you’re considering is a reputable business. For instance, there are websites that will provide honest reviews from real people who have dealt with such companies / services. Homestars is one such website. Businesses are not allowed to pay for reviews to be altered on this site, so what you read is honest and unbiased. If you type Augusta Movers into the search bar on the Homestars website, you will find they have hundreds of reviews from former clients, and their company rating is currently 97% positive.

When hiring a moving company, make sure and ask if they’re insured. Ask to see documentation that proves this. If something was to go missing during the move, or articles were to become damaged, there should be coverage for these types of mishaps. Also, if the company offers to forgo charging you tax to “save you money”, run! Any insurance offered will be null and void, as this company is now operating “off the books”. This includes insurance coverage on your possessions, and also in the case of an injured mover. It’s just not worth the risk….and any reputable moving company would not ask you to put yourself at risk in this way.

Read the fine print of your contract before signing on the dotted line. Look for wording that may indicate additional or hidden charges. An example of this could be an up charge to move on a weekend. You may think that moving on a Friday would automatically exclude you from this increased rate, but be aware that in some contracts weekends could start at 6 pm Friday (for example). Augusta movers charges you the same rate, whatever day of the week you hire them to move you. Ask questions and dig deeply before choosing who will take on the responsibility of moving you.

Professionalism is key when it comes to hiring a moving company. You want to be able to trust your movers, as you are counting on them to safely move most if not all of your possessions. Is their demeanor off-putting? Do they treat you with respect? It’s important that your movers listen to what you’re saying and respect your feelings. You may have a particular item you want treated with kid gloves- extra packing above and beyond what’s necessary, for example- and your movers should respect this. If you feel in your gut that something is off with the company you’ve employed, don’t hesitate to find other movers who will treat you, and your belongings, with professionalism and care.

Take time before you book to research and find a moving company that will tick all the right boxes. Augusta Movers takes great pride in a job well done. Hiring a company that is professional and hard-working will ensure a smooth, enjoyable moving experience.