Embrace the Memories of your Old Home

As 2016 has now come to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on how the past year has gone, and what you would like to change for 2017. It might mean a healthier diet, or a new exercise regime. Perhaps spending more time with family is priority. Maybe quitting a bad health habit like smoking is a resolution that’s important to you to follow through with. And for some, 2017 will include a move to a new home.

It can be difficult leaving your familiar surroundings and moving to a new neighbourhood, town, province, or country. Even though a house is built of brick and mortar, a home is built with memories. Getting nostalgic about all the good times is a normal process to go through when selling your home. The great news is you will always have those memories to take with you wherever you go! They are stamped in your heart and cannot be left behind.

Before you move, take some last minute photographs of the home you will soon be leaving. You can have them printed and put into a collage to frame in your new home. It’s a nice way to remember where you’ve come from, but you may also find it may inspire you to tackle a project in your new home that you never got around to completing in your prior house.

If you have sentimental feelings about leaving, take a memento with you, if at all possible. For instance, many people have difficulty leaving the house in which they brought their newborn children to. All the memories of nights rocking little ones to sleep in a carefully decorated nursery can really tug at the heart when facing leaving this home. Bring any sentimental objects with you in this case. Do not be tempted to discard that old rocking chair with the thought that you don’t use it anymore. Move it, then down the road once you’ve settled in your new home, you can re-evaluate if you still want the chair. Sometimes we make hasty decisions when moving that we regret later on.

Many people mark their child’s growth progress on a doorframe. This will be something you want to take with you! Carefully remove the piece of wood your markings are on. Wrap it in a blanket or something distinguishing, so it doesn’t accidentally get thrown away. Let your moving company know how important this “old” piece of wood is to you! To fix the door frame, measure what size of wood you need to replace, and head to your local home improvement centre. Home Depot, for example, will cut the wood for you to your specifications. If you damaged the casing while removing your growth chart, you will want to pick up a new piece while you’re there. Then nail the wood and casing back in place, paint the frame to match the other trim in your home, and you’re done!

So while it can be difficult, moving to new home is the beginning of brand new adventures and memories. Hopefully your move in this New Year goes smoothly, and you are successful in keeping those new years resolutions!