The Ins and Outs of Storing Furniture

This may be a surprise, but the way in which you store your furniture can have a great outcome on how your items turn out for the better or for the worse. One mistake in storing these types of items, and a lot of unnecessary damage can be had. Even though most storage services have the ample unit space to store all of your items, you want to be certain you place them correctly so they are stored for long periods of time without risking the integrity of the items. Here at Augusta Movers, we would like to talk all about how to store your furniture the right way so you can be certain that it stays at its best quality for months/years to come. 

Wax It 

When you are storing away wooden furniture, it is extremely important that you wipe it down with a gentle soap + water mix, and afterward coat it with a layer of either furniture wax or polish. This will help prevent the possibility of mold growing on the furniture, and also work to seal the wood as well.  

Break It Apart 

One of the best ways to ensure that a piece of furniture can be properly transported + stored properly is by taking it apart as much as you (safely) can. While you’d rather store furniture items as is because you believe it is easier, in many cases it is not and increases its risk of being damaged.  

Tie It Up 

One of the best ways to better guarantee that your furniture does not fall whilst inside of a storage unit is by tying it down. This is especially true with furniture that is larger in size or heavier in weight. The best way to store these items in a unit is by starting with the heaviest/largest items and loading them against the back wall of your container. You can then add an extra measure of tying them with rope/cable to ensure they stay in space. 

From The Bottom Up 

While packing the heaviest/largest items into the back of your unit is important, so is ensuring that your most heaviest items are placed onto the bottom of the unit. From then on, you can slowly build your way up with your items to create a coherent, stable foundation for all of your storage. Make sure that everything is as even as possible, so you can keep everything as close to the floor as possible (while also building up in the process).  

Hire a Storage Service Today! 

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