Keeping your Cool During a Winter Holiday Move

Trying to sell your home throughout the holidays might seem like an impossible task. But it’s a reality that many people face. There are some special things to consider at this time of year to help you sell your house, without interfering with your holiday plans completely.

First off, decide on what days are special to you, and make a vow to keep those days special. Don’t pre- book home viewings on these days, or plan an open house. While a real estate agent may surprise you with a last minute request to show your home on such days, have a plan in mind of something special to do while this is happening. For example, a last minute trip to watch a holiday film at the cinema while your home is being shown is a great idea. Or if the viewing is at night, take a stroll through your neighbourhood and enjoy the holiday decorations and lights. Having a plan on these special days will enable you to minimize stress caused by last minute interruptions and keep special holidays special.

When decorating your home that you are trying to sell for the holidays, keep in mind that not everyone wants to see your collection of 99 Snowmen. Too many decorations can clutter your house, making it feel smaller than it actually is. On the other hand, a few strategically placed baubles and a tastefully decorated tree might evoke warm and cozy feelings in prospective buyers. Just remember this isn’t the year to haul out your entire storage closet of decorations!

Hiring professional stagers is always a good idea when trying to sell your house. They may have ideas about how to incorporate your favourite holiday décor in a way that will appeal to the majority of viewers. Before an open house, make your home smell scrumptious by simmering a cinnamon stick with some nutmeg and cloves in a pot of water on your stove. Just don’t forget and leave your stove on or the hot liquid still in the pot- make sure your discard it and turn off your element before anyone views your home to prevent burns. Alternatively, a couple of lightly scented cinnamon or other holiday scent air fresheners should do the trick.

Because the holidays are busy even without the added stress of preparing your home for sale, some pre-planning never goes amiss. Because you want your home to feel spacious and welcoming, not only to buyers, but also to family and friends as you host holiday gatherings, moving some of your belongings into storage is a great idea. This will give you extra space to store presents purchased for loved ones, and also to entertain in. Renting space in a storage facility is an easy and safe process. Only store items that you will not need in the foreseeable future. This could be extra furniture, spring and summer decorations, etc. The extra room in your home over the holidays will be welcoming during such a busy time.

So remember, selling your house during the holiday season is definitely manageable. With a little pre-planning and some tips from the above article, it may even add something special to your holiday this year.