4 Things to Do While the Movers Are Working in Your Home

Once your moving day arrives, it can be tempting to hover as the movers go about their work. The entire experience can be stressful, and you likely want to do anything to move the process along. Therefore, you may find yourself supervising to make sure items are not lost and heirlooms are moved without damage. You may also be keeping an eye out for any damage to the house, such as scratches on the floor or walls.

Staying busing and out of the way of those working is essential for a successful move. Not only will this reduce the chance of accidents, but it can also help your moving project to finish on time. Augusta Movers has four important suggestions for what you can do to make your move more efficient. 

Label & Pack in Advance

You can save money and time by packing and labelling your boxes ahead of the actual moving day. Any items you will not use should be boxed and labelled according to the room they will be moved to. This will help your moving team place things in the right place at your new destination, as well as help you to find things more quickly once it comes time to unpack. This will save time and effort on both ends. Our moving company also offers packing services, so if you are unable or just don’t have time to pre-pack, we can help.

Pack Light and Fragile Items in Your Car

A professional moving company will always take the utmost care in transporting your things from one home to the next, but there may be unforeseen accidents along the way. If there are fragile items that you prefer not to risk, pack those separately to transport in your car. This can include valuables, glass, and other smaller items that don’t take up much space. This will reduce your stress and also make things easier for your moving team on the big day.

Stay From Underfoot

Moving companies have years of experience in moving a home from one place to another. While you can give you a list of needs, it is often best to let them handle their job in the best way they know how. You hired them due to their professional know-how, so let them put that knowledge to work.

Be Hospitable

You can still offer hospitality even though you are in the process of moving. Packing, lifting, and loading is hard work, so you could offer your movers a cold drink. Consider making a nice batch of cold tea or lemonade for your moving crew to enjoy as they go about their work. They will appreciate your efforts as much as you appreciate their work. If you prefer, you can even include a snack to give them an energy boost.

How We Can Help

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