Saving Money for your Move

Moving can be both exciting and extremely stressful. But no matter what emotions are involved, there is one aspect of moving that everyone who moves can count on- the cost! From lawyer’s fees to sprucing up your home for sale- the dollars can rack up quickly! Here are a few measures you can take to help ease the financial burden of moving.

Consider cancelling your television. More than likely, things will be so busy anyway preparing for the move that you won’t have time to watch much anyway. Or if you’re planning on carrying over your TV service to your new home, ask your television company about suspending your service. Many big name companies in Ontario will do this for a few months for a nominal fee. Also, if you still have a telephone landline, you may think about cancelling that as well and just using your cell phone. Most cell phone plans nowadays include unlimited long distance and airtime (things that are vitally important when making all those moving-related calls to real estate agents, movers, etc.) And while you’re at it, if you live nearby a library with free internet access, take advantage of this service and cancel your internet as well. By cancelling your TV, home phone and internet, you could save upwards of $200 a month!

Stop eating out for now (or at least cut waaaaay back). This is an easy one. As a society, we spend an enormous amount of money on dining out. To cook the same meals at home would be a fraction of the cost. Of course it’s lovely to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning up while we socialize with friends and family, but when saving for an expensive move, it’s an easy way to save some serious cash by choosing to dine at home. And if you do find yourself at a restaurant, just order water to drink, and forego the appetizer and dessert. This could cut your bill in half. Also, keep snacks and bottled water stashed in your purse, car and work etc., so when a craving hits while you’re out and about, you can easily reach for a snack rather than pay a huge markup on one.

Have a garage sale. This will raise you some quick cash, as well as help to clear out some belongings, which will make life easier come moving day. Or, if garage sales aren’t your style, try listing your superfluous items on buy and sell websites such as eBay, or a local site (for example, if you’re in the greater Toronto area, try Kijiji). You would be surprised how quickly cash can add up while selling items you no longer use.

Since you will be doing more dining at home, go that extra mile and shop the specials and use coupons. There are a ton of handy websites devoted to saving Canadian consumers money. Two great ones to try are and (This last one also offers free samples of products!) When you arrive home after shopping, put all your spare change in a jar and watch the money pile up!

Ontario Hydro uses time of use pricing for many customers, especially in cities such as Toronto. Pay attention to what time period is most expensive and try to limit activities that require electricity during that period. Be aware that these time periods change from summer to winter! Save your laundry and cooking, when possible, to the lowest rate period. Of course, it’s always good practice to limit electricity use whenever you can. Turn your air conditioner down (or off if you can manage it), turn off your lights when you’re leaving a room, etc. All of these little things can add up to big savings.

If you are real estate savvy and know your way around some paperwork and deadlines etc., privately selling your home could save you a bundle of money. This is not for everyone, though. Many people prefer the help and exposure a real estate agent will bring. Make sure you do your research before attempting to sell your home on your own.

There are hundreds of additional ways to save money for a move. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Once you get started, it can be exhilarating seeing how much money you’re saving. Who knows- you just might get so much satisfaction from it that you continue with your money saving techniques after your move is completed!