Tips On Moving With Your Pets

October 19, 2020

Moving is never easy, but if you have pets that can make the project much more difficult. No matter how far or close your new home may be, planning your move around your pet is very important. Animals and plants very often feel distressed when moving to a new place. The act of moving and leaving behind their regular space and schedule is enough to place any pet under additional stress, with territory being the main reason behind it all. Augusta Movers has some tips to help ease their fears so they can be ready for your next big move. 

Visit Your New Location

If your new place is within driving distance, it is a good idea to visit the location with your pets every now and then. Take them for walks in the area and if possible go to your new home as often as you can. This will give them a chance to get used to the area and reduce the shock of being transplanted into a new territory post-move. 

Expose Them To The Moving Process

Boxes can be a fun play toy for pets, but not so much for the new people such as the movers. It is important to get them acquainted with the process early on to help reduce both fear and aggression closer to your move date. Expose them to the tape, boxes, bubble paper and other tools you plan to use during the move. It will help them get used to the new situation and show them that all of your items are not gone, but rather hidden inside of packaging. Going as far as giving them a treat every time they have a positive reaction to your moving materials can help them associate moving to something good.

Pack Up Your Pets Items

Just like humans, pets have an attachment to their things. It is important to pack their beds, dishes, toys and other items when you move. Buying new things in your upgraded home is all well and good, but it is important to keep some of the items that they know and love. This will give them comfort in a world of constant change and new experiences. 

Moving Day Tips

On the actual day of your move, it is a good idea to keep your pets in a safe place. The best option is to have them stay with a family member or a friend. If neither is available, a doggy daycare is an excellent alternative. If you prefer to keep your pet with you, however, then you will need to ensure they don’t get underneath the feet of the movers. Too many strangers touching and moving your things can also cause unwanted stress on your pet that you will want to avoid. Keeping them in a separate room or even in the backyard during the moving process is also a good alternative.

Let Them Ride With You

If your pets will not be with friends or family during the move, then make sure they ride with you on the way. Most animals suffer from separation anxiety, especially dogs. Traveling away from the place they love with strangers may trigger their destructive side. These are just a few of the tips that we here at Augusta Movers have gathered, but if you are in need of more advice contact us and give us a call at 647-783-8730 to find out more about our moving services or to get a quote for your relocation.

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