To Renovate or Not to Renovate…THAT is the question

It’s the middle of winter, and although there are some adventurous among us, many people spend more time indoors during these cold months. This often leads to wanting to improve our indoor space, since we are spending so much time there anyway. And if moving is in the near future, a home renovation could not only be enjoyed by you while you still live there; it could also bring you some serious cash above and beyond what you spent on the reno.

Start by evaluating what needs improvement in your house. Make a list of what home renovations you’ve completed since moving into your home and when they were completed. If it’s been 10 years since you’ve done any updating, it’s time to start. If there are any obvious issues that need repair, such as leaking faucets or holes in walls, decide if the room these issues are in needs a total reno, or if you will just be fixing the specific issue.

Flip through some home décor magazines for inspiration. Maybe you love your tropical scheme throughout your home, but if you’re planning on selling, a more neutral design is best. Browse the home improvement stores and websites, keeping notes on what tiles you like, what flooring is your top pick etc. Keep in mind that if you are short for time to complete your renovation, you will want to pick materials that are currently stocked in-store. Some special order items can take months to arrive.

In order to save money, doing a reno yourself is an option. If you have never picked up a hammer in your life, though, this is not the time to start. Since you will be putting your home on the market to sell, any projects should be done with precision and know-how. If it’s a slap-dash job, a home inspector for your home’s future buyer will notice! If you are handy, and have some experience with home improvements, definitely give it a go. The internet is a great resource for info on any reno you might attempt. Just be sure to go to reputable sites! You can also head to your local home improvement centre, as employees there often have ample experience in home renovations. They can offer tips and tricks to help the job go smoothly.

Although the idea of starting a renovation project just to move out in the near future may seem futile, remember that a vast number of prospective buyers do not want to move into a home that requires work. There are some that are looking for a “fixer-upper”, but that usually means selling your home for less than market value. Bringing your house up to date and fixing any issues that may exist will ensure you can garner top dollar when you do sell.

Even if you don’t end up moving, a home renovation project will infuse new life into your home. But if you are going to sell, start your project now and you will have your house ready to list in the spring, when the market really gets going. So break out of that cabin fever slump and pick up a measuring tape!