What Should I Do While Movers Are Working?

So, you’ve finally set a date for your residential move. Congratulations! This is a huge step, and getting this far takes a lot of planning, courage and hard work. 

Now that the plans are finally in motion, however, certain questions may start to arise. Questions such as; “What am I to do while the movers are doing their job?” and “How can I better prepare for this move?”.

If you want to busy yourself with stuff while the movers do their job so your move can go by that much quicker and easier, check out the advice we here at Augusta Movers wants to offer.

Label & Pack Beforehand

While the idea of labelling & packing early on can be uninteresting, it’s important to acknowledge that it’s a necessary step in the moving process. If done early, you can make it that much easier on the movers to better pack and move your belongings. Be sure to look into every square inch of your home— this means drawers, dressers, pantries, cabinets, even that little area under your bed. Everything should be properly looked through and ransacked so you can either pack or give away the stuff in your home. Labelling makes the packing process so much easier as well, and you can label however you want depending on your situation. Through colour codes, rooms, types of items and more you can make your move that much easier on you in the long run.

Offer Some Snacks + Drinks

One of the most tedious tasks of a move is hauling everything from your home into the moving van. This is especially true when you consider the amount of furniture and appliances that have to be moved during this process. Because of this, your movers will work a sweat and we believe it’s always great to leave them with some refreshments. Whether it be cold beverages, a couple of snacks or both, this will not only be a nice gesture that will help the movers feel more at home, but will also come to your benefit as it will supply them with the fuel they need for a project such as this. 

Pack Smaller, More Fragile Items Separately

Whilst it can be easy to leave every item with the movers, smaller items that you’d prefer to keep separately should be left with yourself. Any small electronics, jewellery or other valuable/fragile items should be put inside of your car so you can move them safely and under your discretion. 

Let Our Moving Company Help

With all the best services, team members and more, Augusta Movers is here to make your move that much easier. To find out more about how we can bring your move to the next level so you can sit back, relax and focus on the other important aspects of your move, be sure to call our residential movers in Toronto at +1 (647) 783-8730 today!