Why You Should Ditch Old Moving Boxes When You Relocate

Now that you have chosen your new home, it’s time to pack up and move. Perhaps you are changing from one office space to another. Whichever situation you are in, chances are you are looking for boxes to pack your cargo ahead of your transfer. The conventional way is to acquire a massive amount of boxes, even off of sites like craigslist. Even though this can save you a few bucks up front, Augusta Movers has a few reasons why you should skip on old or used boxes while you’re moving.

They are Unsanitary

Boxes that may have been used to send things via a public shipping service will already be loaded down with germs. Those that have been on trucks will also have generous amounts of dust and car exhaust in the cardboard. You may even find oil, water or other unidentifiable substances on the boxes that you really don’t want touching your belongings.

They are Not Hygienic

Not only do used or soiled boxes look bad, but they can also be a health hazard. Old boxes may have bugs, carpet beetles, roaches or other pests lurking inside the cardboard. The last thing you want is to bring extra visitors to your place.

Lack of Support

Cardboard boxes are really just fortified paper, so you can expect them to weaken over time. The more you use them, the less support they will provide for whatever is packed inside. Old boxes can tear easily or even collapse. This can leave your valuables at risk of being broken or lost during your move.

Size Issues

Used boxes are like playing the lottery because you never know what sizes, shapes, or quality you will get. In many cases, either you will end up with too small boxes for your items, or too large for what you want to put inside. In order to make your move as safe as possible, it is critical to pack your things in boxes of the right size.

Smaller boxes are best suited for delicate items and electronics, while larger boxes are good for lighter but bulkier items like fabric. Fill your boxes completely to help support stacking and reduce chances of your boxes getting crushed.

Specific Boxes

There are a lot of boxes out there and that means there is no reason not to get the right type of box for your things. Bulky items such as books will need durable containers, while glass items need to be insulated to prevent breaking. Mattresses and clothing will also need their own special boxes as will your television and knick knacks.

How We Can Help

Instead of using second hand boxes that can break or bend, give us a call. Augusta Movers is your one-stop moving supplies provider in the area. We have a diverse range of boxes for every item you need to move. Our movers will arrive at your location and pack on your behalf. If you are interested in finding out more about what services we have to offer or to get a no obligation quote, give us a call at 647-783-8730.